Chrono Cross MP3's
Disc/TrackSong Title
Disc 1: Cause-Track 1Chrono Cross
Track 2Between Life and Death
Track 3Home Alni
Track 4Time's Grasslands
Track 5Lizard Dance
Track 6Reminiscence
Track 7Dream of the Shore
Track 8Another Alni Village
Track 9Sang of Feeling
Track 10Lost Fragments
Track 12Another Termina
Track 13Leaving the Body
Track 14Shadow Forest
Track 15Viper Manor
Track 16Victory Springs Gift
Track 17Lost Child of Time
Track 18Another Gardov
Track 19Hydra Marshes
Track 20Dreams Creation
Track 21Voyage-Another World
Track 22Ghost Ship
Track 23Mount Pyre
Track 24Fort Dragonia
Track 25Overcome Ones Grief
Disc 2: Unveiling-Track 1Start of the Dream
Track 2Ravine Cleft Dimension
Track 3Home Termina
Track 4The Dragoons
Track 5Voyage-Home World
Track 6Home Gardov
Track 7Home Marbule
Track 8Zelbess
Track 9Sleight-of-Hand Group
Track 10Nap
Track 11Chronomantic
Track 12Predicament
Track 13Optimism
Track 14Isle of the Damned
Track 15Dead Sea/Tower of Ruin
Track 16People Seized With Life
Track 17Previously Lost Lamp
Track 18Earth Dragon Isle
Track 19Gaea's Navel
Track 20Gale
Track 21Victory Summers Cry
Track 22Another Marbule
Track 23Fairies Way For Magic
Track 24Etude 1
Track 25Etude 2
Track 26Magical Dreamers
Disc 3: Change-Track 1Garden of the Gods
Track 2Chronopolis
Track 3Fates: Gods of Destiny
Track 4Jellyfish Sea
Track 5Orphan of Flame
Track 6Star-Stealing Girl
Track 7Time of the Dreamwatch
Track 8Dragons Prayer
Track 9Terra Tower
Track 10Frozen Flame
Track 11Dragon God
Track 12Into a Time of Darkness
Track 13Life-Faraway Promise
Track 14Reminiscence
Track 15Radical Dreamers
Track 16Fragments of Dreams

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