Chrono Trigger MP3's
Disc/TrackSong Title
Disc 1-Track 1A Premonition
Track 2Chrono Trigger
Track 3Morning Sunlight
Track 4Peaceful Days
Track 5Memories of Green
Track 6Guardia Millenial Fair
Track 7Gato's Song
Track 8A Strange Happening
Track 9Wind Scene
Track 10Goodnight
Track 11Secret of the Forest
Track 12Battle
Track 13Guardia Castle
Track 14Huh
Track 15Manoria Cathedral
Track 16A Prayer
Track 17Silent Light
Track 18Boss Battle 1
Track 19Frog's Theme
Track 20Fanfare 1
Track 21The Trial
Track 22The Hidden Truth
Track 23A Shot of Crisis
Disc 2-Track 1Ruined World
Track 2Mystery of the Past
Track 3Dome 16's Ruins
Track 4People Without a Hope
Track 5Lavos Theme
Track 6The Day the World Revived
Track 7Robo Gang Johnny
Track 8Bike Chase
Track 9Robo's Theme
Track 10Remains of Factory
Track 11Battle 2 (Unreleased)
Track 12Fanfare 2
Track 13The Brink of Time
Track 14Delightful Spekkio
Track 15Fanfare 3
Track 16Underground Sewer
Track 17Boss Battle 2
Track 18Primitive Mountain
Track 19Ayla's Theme
Track 20Rhythm of Wind, Sky, and Earth
Track 21Burn Bobonga
Track 22Magus Castle
Track 23Confusing Melody
Track 24Battle With Magus
Disc 3-Track 1Singing Mountain (Unreleased)
Track 2Tyranno Castle
Track 3At the Bottom of Night
Track 4Time Circuits
Track 5Zeal Palace
Track 6Schala's Theme
Track 7Sealed Door
Track 8Undersea Palace
Track 9Chrono and Marle
Track 10Silvard
Track 11Black Omen
Track 12Determination
Track 13World Revolution
Track 14Last Battle
Track 15First Festival of Stars
Track 16Epilogue
Track 17To Far Away Times

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