Grandia MP3's
Disc/TrackSong Title
Disc 1-OST 1: Track 1Theme of Grandia
Track 2The Sandy Beach
Track 3Delightful Adventure
Track 4Farewell to Sue
Track 5Ancient Castle
Track 6Mullen
Track 7The Beautiful Woman
Track 8Ghost Ship
Track 9The Edge of the World
Track 10Approaching Crisis
Track 11Leen's Love Theme
Disc 2-OST 1: Track 1Prelude
Track 2Town of Palm
Track 3Sea Cat Restaurant
Track 4Sart Ruins
Track 5New Palm
Track 6Domu Ruins
Track 7Duel With Gadwin
Track 8Daito Town
Track 9Prayers of Ganbo
Track 10Town of Palm
Track 11Kafu Village
Track 12Jilpadon
Track 13Snow Town Raynu
Track 14Stand and Rise Justin
Disc 1-OST 2: Track 1Off Runs Sue
Track 2Justin Hits the Scene
Track 3Angel Culture
Track 4Deck Swabbing
Track 5Inside Sart Ruins
Track 6Battle 1
Track 7Victory
Track 8A Misty Sea of Forests
Track 9Gaia Egg
Track 10The Airship Launches
Track 11Gaia-Fuka
Track 12Jilpadon's Destruction
Track 13Leen vs. Gaia
Track 14Growing Gaia
Track 15At Dinner
Track 16Inside Domu Ruins
Track 17Four Volley Rounds of Tension
Track 18Dungeon 1
Track 19New Palm Church
Track 20Complete Victory
Track 21Village of Ruku
Disc 2-OST 2: Track 1Perserverance Cheer
Track 2Fight Cheer
Track 3The Three Young Women
Track 4Dungeon 2
Track 5New Palm Sake Bar
Track 6Palm Harbor
Track 7Inside Twin Tower 1
Track 8Battle 2
Track 9Unknown Sky Dimension
Track 10Galaiel
Track 11Farewell
Track 12Underground Ruins
Track 13Short Loop 1
Track 14Short Loop 2
Track 15Inside Twin Tower 2
Track 16Battle 3
Track 17The Cursed Tower
Track 18Assault
Track 19Aim for a New World
Track 20Adventurer Society
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