Parasite Eve MP3's
Disc/TrackSong Title
Disc 1-Track 1Primal Eyes
Track 2Waiting for Something
Track 3Overture-La Mia Verita
Track 4Se Il Mio Amore Sta Vincino
Track 5Memory I
Track 6Gloom and Doom
Track 7Theme of Mitochondria
Track 8Sotto Voice
Track 9Arise Within You
Track 10Main Theme-Piano Solo
Track 11The Surface of the Water
Track 12Memories of Aya, and Eve
Track 13Out of Phase
Track 14Urban Noise
Track 15Mystery Notes
Track 16Influence of Deep
Track 17Phrase of Aya
Track 18Phrase of Mitochondria
Track 19Theme of Aya
Track 20Under the Progress
Track 21Plosive Attack
Track 22Missing Perspective
Track 23Memory II
Track 24Force Trail
Track 25Phrase of Eve
Track 26Memory III
Disc 2- Track 1Matrix
Track 2Omission of the World
Track 3Wheel of Fortune
Track 4Kyrie
Track 5Across the View
Track 6Femmes Fatales
Track 7A Piece of Remain
Track 8Musica Mundana
Track 9UB(Ultimate Being)
Track 10Escape from UB
Track 11Main Theme
Track 12Theme of Aya-Reprise
Track 13I Hear a Voice Asking
Track 14Somnia Memorias
Track 15Consensus
Track 16Someone Calls Memorias
Track 17Main Theme-Orchestral
Track 18Influence of Deep-Orchestral
Track 19Eves Aria CM Version

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