Star Ocean-The 2nd Story MP3's
Disc/TrackSong Title
Disc 1- Track 1At the Crack of Dawn
Track 2Silent the Universe
Track 3Feel Refreshed
Track 4A Feeling of Oppresion
Track 5The Venerable Forest
Track 6Electrical Dance
Track 7Stab the Sword Justice
Track 8Strike Your Mind
Track 9Pure A Stream
Track 10Mist Began to Form
Track 11Field of Exper
Track 12Weathercock
Track 13Rescue Mission
Track 14Cuddle
Track 15A Crisp Morning
Track 16Shower of Blossoms
Track 17Sacred Song
Track 18The Bonds
Track 19Walk Over
Track 20Misty Rain
Track 21Moderate
Track 22Heraldic Emblem
Track 23Dynamite
Track 24In a Lightsome Mood
Track 25Breath of Air
Track 26Dischord
Track 27The Collosseum
Track 28Pyroxene
Track 29One of Hope
Track 30Ceremight
Track 31Invasion
Track 32Intangible Body
Track 33Look Forward
Track 35Decisive Battle
Track 36The Climax of the Tower
Track 37Mysterious Dreams
Track 38Trumpet 1
Track 39Trumpet 2
Track 40Electric Piano 1
Track 41Electic Piano 2
Track 42Harmonica 1
Track 43Harmonica 2
Track 44Harp 1
Track 45Harp 2
Track 46Cembalo 1
Track 47Cembalo 2
Track 48Organ 1
Track 49Organ 2
Track 50Shamisen 1
Track 51Shamisen 2
Track 52Violin 1
Track 53Violin 2
Disc 2- Track 1A Quirk of Fate
Track 2The Dim Light of Dusk
Track 3Desert Island
Track 4Lone Ones Illusions
Track 5Hydranges
Track 6Field of Nede
Track 7Endlessly
Track 8Teary
Track 9Breezy Afternoon
Track 10Deadly Hatred
Track 11Tender Spot
Track 12Theme of Rena-Music Box
Track 13Theme of Rena
Track 14White the Heart
Track 15Let's Walk in a Parade
Track 16Come on Bunny
Track 17Fortune Teller
Track 18Cooking Master
Track 19Mission to Deep Space
Track 20Shiver
Track 21Tangency
Track 22Invade
Track 23Fight to the Last
Track 24Beast of Prey
Track 25Mighty Blow
Track 26The Incarnation of Devil
Track 27The Ultimate Terror
Track 28Yes With Eyes Open
Track 29Integral Body, Imperfect Soul
Track 30The Fateful a Moment
Track 31Resolution
Track 32We Form In Crystals
Track 33Live in Pleny
Track 34Star Ocean Forever

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