Pokemon Snap:


Get a good shot of Grimer:
If you take a lot of pictures of the two Grimers, then a third Grimer will appear that
is much closer, opposite the Bulbasuar/Ditto.
Submitted by: Orlandu250

Get A Good Picture of Mew:
First, get it out of it's ball then throw Pesterballs at it and it will turn around and
face you for a shot worth over 8,900 points!
Submitted by: Lynda Armour

10,000 Point Mew:
First break the shell that Mew is in. Second when he is chasing after his shell hit him.
Third, when he is spinning go faster and when he stops hit him again. Fifth, he will spin
again him again. Repeat the process. He will come closer and closer.
Submitted by: N64man5

Hard To Get Pokemon
Look out toward the ocean, through the heavy mist.

Throw a Pester Ball at the "rock" that Evee is chasing.

Let the three Magnemites combine. Throw an apple infront of them and snap a photo.

Lure Pikachu over to the egg with apples, and then play the PokeFlute.

As you enter the area, snap a photo of Diglett. Throw an apple near Pikachu. Now he should
follow Diglett and he burrows after you. Keep snaping picturs and you get: 1 Dugtrio,
2 Dugtrio and finally 3 Dugtrio's.

Throw a Pester Ball at Charmeleon and he will fall into the lava.

Throw a Pester Ball into the first lava pit of the three pits in a row.

Throw a Pester Ball into the thrid lava pit of the three pits in a row.

Play the PokeFlute to the Flower venting gas.

Lure Slowpoke over to the Shellder sign with apples.

Throw a Pester Ball into the grass that is moving.

Knock Weepinbell into the water with a Pester Ball.

Hit the Bulbasaur with a Pester Ball.

Play the PokeFlute for the Jynx and they will break the egg for you.

Snap a bunch of photos of the two Grimers. When the third comes out, lob some Pester
Balls at him.

Knock a Geodude off it's mountain with a Pester Ball.

When you see the two Geodudes close together, knock them both off, and Graveler will fall
to the ground, bringing a Sandslash up to the surface.

Throw a Pester Ball into the whirlpool after Staryu jumps in.

Launch Pester Balls into the whirlpool.

Keep throwing Pester Balls at Mew's force field. Eventually he will be knocked out, giving
you a chance to snap a photo.

Scyther is well hidden in the first level. Keep throwing Pester Balls into the tall grass.
Eventually he will pop up.

To get Gyrados, go to the Valley. In the beginning, hit a Magicarp with a Pester Ball to
the waiting Mankey. Mankey will throw the Magicarp to later in the level. When you come
to one of the falls, find the Magicarp laying on the coast, and hit him agian. Now turn
around and watch the falls.


After Meowth jumps out chasing the Pidgey, watch the left side of the beach for a rock

Unleash Zapdos, then watch the right wall after the two Electabuzz's.

Throw a Pester Ball into the first lava pit near the Rapidash.

Play the PokeFlute for Vileplume, then get a close up of the tree behind it.

After you see the Koffing chasing Jigglypuff, turn around and snap a photo of the crystals.

If you can't find this one, I will personally come visit you just to smack you across the
face. But if you really want help finding this one, seek professional help because you
will need it. Anyway, just look forward at the very begining.

Amazing Pokemon Stunts

Surfing Pikachu:
In the first level, lead Pikachu over to the surf board with Apples.

Flying Pikachu:
In the Cave, knock Zubat out with a Pesterball, and Pikachu will float down. Now hatch
the Articuno egg. Turn around as you're leaving, and Pikachu will hitch a ride.

Rent Mew
Play the prime cup and beat every ball and you fight mew and after you beat the cup you can rent him.
Submitted by: Kelly Haydel