Crono Cross

One word. Replay value. It has more than any game I've ever encountered. In Crono Trigger, you could change the past, but the events were small, and few. In Cross, there are many, and trust me, you will have a hard time finding them. There are 40 characters which you can choose from, to form a party of 3. To change certain things, you need certain characters. There's more to the game though. Take the graphics. Amazing, the only way to describe them. The world map is pre-rendered, but so detailed, you'll forget about world maps that you find in games like the Final Fantasy series. What about story? Well, I'm guessing that with 40 characters, it's pretty hard to keep a story straight, and forget character development. The in-battle system is also original. It's complex, but easy to learn. People will be at this one for a while.