"Medievil 2"

Great graphics. The enemies are all well animated and zombies even lose limbs each time you hack at them with a sword. The main character is modeled very well as are the weapons. Side characters are also well done, from the ghost to the big headed professor. Each level gives the game it's creepy feel, from the empty museum, to the dark sewers.

Music wise is actually pretty good, although with all the hacking and slashing it's hardly noticeable. Each area has a different creepy tune that suits the game. Effect wise is also good, the zombies getting their arms chopped off, the mummy dogs growling and attacking. Sword slashes and hammers hitting slamming the ground are also good. Voice acting is ok, Dan's voice is pretty funny. But the ghost's got annoying. Sometimes the characters would unnaturally pause in between some words but other than that it was better then some. ::cough::Resident Evil::cough::

The story has the same basic premise as the first Medievil. Our one-eyed skeleton friend Dan awakens from his coffin 300 years later in London. Something bad has happened and the undead are walking once again. Dan meets a ghost named Winchester when he awakes and then a professor to a mummy girl. Three new main bad guys are also added.

Let's start with the good. This is mainly a hack the enemy game, with some puzzles thrown in. Each time you kill enough enemies you can collect a Chalice of Souls to gain more weapons. Weapons range from a sword to magic or hammers and axes. Each one usually stronger then the last. Ending with a Magic Sword and a Gatling gun. Their are 10 chalices in all. Most of them are pretty easy to find. Sometimes finding hidden enemies proves harder. Puzzles aren't too hard, some include pushing blocks around, finding keys or objects, others include collecting body pieces to build a huge fighting monster. In each level a Life Bottle is hidden away. These revive you when you die, and can be filled up at green fires. A new feature is that Dan can remove his head and place it on little green hands that can be found in certain areas. These hands are used for going under little cracks and passages that Dan can't fit in. Dan can also place his head on a huge monster in one scene. One annoyng feature is the camera, while you can move it yourself many times it'll twist and turn as you move around fighting and sometimes it may kill you. Mainly with enemies that throw projectiles.

Replay Value:
Two endings await you, depending if you collect all 10 chalices or not. The first run through should last a bit as some levels are hard and long.

This game can be quite difficult. I suggest finding as many Life Bottles as you can. Some enemies really gang up on you and some bosses take away an insane amount of life. Enemies alone can be a great challange from the extremely annoying Whitechaple cops to the aliens that can take over your headless body, and sometimes they will. At least the first few levels weren't all that hard.

Buy or Rent? (Bottom Line)
Well if you like these types of games I suggest a buy. The only real problem is the camera and sometimes the extreme annoyance of certain enemies. However if your good at these games it can easily be beaten at a rent. If you must get both endings save at the last chalice then go on from there after you beat it. So if your good I suggest a rent, unless you MUST have it.

MY Score: 8/10

Review Done by: STARSCOP33