"SaGa Frontier"

I know many hated this game, and I can see why, however it's not as bad as people say.

Cartoony sprites on pre-rendered backgrounds. Sometimes they go together, other times they don't. Battle's are nothing to brag about, the enemies are usually very small, save bosses. Sometimes jerky in motion. Graphics are alright but not great.

The music is actually really good. Each final boss has good music. You might get sick of the battle theme as it is used in some boss battle also. Most of the town and dungeon music is also good. Sound effects are kind weak, and as usualy no voice acting.

There are eight characters, Lute, Red, Blue, Riki, T2-60G(I think maybe some numbers are off), Emeilia, and Asellus. Each one has there own little story. Some are incredibally weak, Lute, Blue. Others are pretty good, Red, T2-60G, Asellus. The rest are ok. All in all a mixed bag. Nothing excellent though.

Good and Bad. Battles are pretty fun thanks to a combo system. Each character can learn abilities depending on their race and weapon used. Combos can be preformed by attacking one enemy with different attacks. For instance if Lute used double slash, and Liza used Bazooka those two could attack at the same time dealing some decent damage on that one enemy or boss. Humans can use swords fists or guns to learn techniques. Robots can use them but they learn techniques by beating other robots. Monsters can change into other mosnters, and Mystics can absorb enemy powers. Magic can also be used, and is gained usually after a side quest. New magic attacks become available as you use one over and over. Many characters can be found throughout each adventure so it's up to you, on what they'll use and what race you'll pick. The bad stuff, side quests. This would be good, but the fact that you have to keep doing them for each adventure gets annoying. Going through the same dungeon doing the same thing eight times. And in order to level up right and have a chance of beating the game you MUST do this. Personally if each character had their own side quests and dungeons, this game would of been a lot better. But they did what they did, and it wasn't a real good idea.

Replay Value
After beating the game with each character you probably won't want to go back. 8 is enough, you don't want to go through the same dungeons another 8 times do you? However after beating the game with all 8 you get a special ending. Which you can explore, fight, and even take on all the final bosses again. A nice little reward for actually beating all 8 games.

Difficulty (medium)
Some bosses are a little challange, and T2-60G's is one of the hardest final bosses I've faced in a while. Each final boss does provide some challange. Another hard one is Blue's and Asellus's. However regular enemies and bosses aren't hard at all.

Buy or Rent?
If you can find it I suggest a rent. If you like it, or don't have time to beat all eight, you migh want to buy it. It's most likely a lot cheaper now. However if you hate non-linear games and want a good storyline pass it over. You'd hate this game.

MY Score 6/10

Reviewed by: STARSCOP33