"Donkey Kong 64"

Well done Rare. The graphics are the best part of the game, with each level different from the last. Each level is also huge which leaves for lots of different backgrounds per level. Characters are modeled well also. Oh and that second dragon boss was amazing.

As far as Background music, it's ok with some thems from Donkey Kong Country mixed in there. Sound effects include the chimps noises and collecting objects. Voices were done in the way Banjo and Kazooie was done.

Stop K-Rool by finding keys and freeing a caged prisoner. Each time a key is collected a new level opens up untill K-rool himself.

Argh! Collecting collecting collecting. Now I don't mind much but all this? Gold Yellow, Red, Purple, Green Blue Banannas! Yellow Red Purple Green Blue Coins. Blue prints, along with other objects. Returning to levels to open new areas and what's your reward almost everytime! Banannas! Every one in the Kong clan needs stupid coins to help you! Jeez you think if they'd wanna save the island they'd help you for free! I hate it when your Donkey, you come across an area that only Lankey can go through, so you have to find a barrle switch then come all the way back. Findind banannas is the main part so that you can face the boss of the level. Some levels are so huge that getting lost will happen (Underwater place anyone?) Also in each level is a colored Klump thing which gives you a blue print if defeated. Here's an annoying scenario, you find one and your Diddy instead of Donkey and you can't pick up the blue print! Back to the barrle. Luckily the barrles for switching are numerous, if they weren't I wouldn't be able to stand this game. Oh and the Jack in the Box boss was also annoying, imagine going to him before getting the hair spin oh that would suck. Returning to areas is a must, each time you get a new ability more of level one opens up, go back find it and use the ablitiy just to get banannas and hopefully have enough to open the next boss door. I may be the only person who hates this game but oh well this is my opinion damn it! Maybe I just get annoyed to easily. Oh well.

Replay Value:
I couldn't replay this whole game again if I wanted too. If you like collecting tons of stuff, then it has a high replay value, as there is plenty of stuff for you to go find.

Medium-Yes despite the annoying collecting the game wasnt all that hard. The bosses were realtively easy, the only challanging boss was the Jack in the Boss Guy. And the Fake K-Rool Boss.

Buy or Rent?
(The Bottom Line); If your like me don't even rent it. If you don't agree with me fine I suggest a rent though the collecting might annoy you too, ya never know. If you love collecting and going back and forth between huge worlds by all means buy the game. It's up to you.

My Score: 4/10

Review by: STARSCOP33