"The House of the Dead 2"

As if ripped right from the arcade. (Which it basically was.) The graphics are all well done, and look just like the arcade. Zombies splurt out blood or lose body parts depending on where you shoot them. Good graphics all around, only little clipping and pop up was found.

Actually pretty good. Although it doesn't seem to set a spooky tone. The levels all seem to be accompinied with an electric guitar and create more of a fast paced tone, which suits the game. Sound effects are excellent, the gun shots sound good, each monster, and objects falling to the ground. The voice acting is lame, and it doesn't sound realistic at all.

Zombies and other creatures have invaded the town. (Sound familiar?) Who's behind it? You'll find out very soon. As you can see not much of a story line, but it's a shoot em up game. Can't really expect one.

Well the game includes several different versions and add ons from the arcade game. However let's start with the Arcade mode. The normal mode where you can set your lives and continues at the options menu. You go through 6 levels and shoot at everything you see. Each level ends with a semi-difficult boss, save the last two which end with a hard boss. You reload by firing off screen, but if you don't own a light gun then you can use the controller. When using it you can see the crosshairs on the screen and you press a button for firing and reloading. Not as fun as playing with a light gun though. Another mode was added to the game and it adds items. From a unlimited continue coin to a infinite clip. These items are stored and can be used when you replay that mode. Another couple modes are the Training mode, which is where you can go through a few levels of training. After beating it you gain a star, you can replay 5 or so more times to get the line of red stars, it's a challange to do this for all of them. A boss mode was added also, where you can re face all the bosses with one life. If you beat the boss you get a star and so on till 5 red stars. That's about all to say on that.

Replay Value
It should of been higher for this short game. It has 3 endings which are shown depending on your score. (Easy in the Item Mode)Also several paths throughout a levle, while slightly different not a big deal. The real replay value lies in getting the stars, which isn't all that fun. Multi-player is fun but it gets old going through the same levels over and over with different people. I think they should of added some new areas that you could open up. Maybe they did but I'm pretty sure I've found everything.

Difficulty (Easy-Med)
Not to hard really. It's easy with the gun and the controller. Although a lot more fun with a light gun. Personally I think the first one was a lot harder. However the last two bosses prove quite a challange. Other then that you can breeze through it. Especially with that unlimited continue coin.

Buy or Rent?
I strongly suggest a rental. This game can easily be beaten in a rent. If you plan on buying it, it's better to buy it with a gun and that'll cost 20 bucks more. If you must play with a gun go to the arcade and spend a couple quarters. The extra modes just don't cut it, so a rental should be it.

MY Score 5/10

Reviewed by: STARSCOP33