"Perfect Dark"

The Graphics are very well clean cut and sharp and crisp. The Real Time lighting effects work well with the gun firing. Sometimes the board has to many shinning lights and lighting effects to make your eyes not feel like the suns shinning on them but its quite nice when you get used to it you can shoot the lights out to make the run dark. You have a can change the low-res to high-res if you want in the option menu which shows it much much crisp and sharp in the game play.The Cinema-Scences are short and are in the beginning of a board and end of board and also can pop up randomly when playing the game. Also it has speech in them. There short but it all adds up in the game and you can replay any scene you already saw in the options menu.

Music and Sound:
The music and sound is ALL THAT this is what Perfect Dark really kicks butt. First of all I have a very good Dolby Pro Logic Surround System and PD is built for it in every aspect. Second the enemies say many things in the game such as "My gun My gun where is it" when you shoot the gun out of there hand. Or such as when you shoot them they might say "You Bitch" of course you can turn on a language filter to turn those naughty words off to hide them from your mom. The music exactly feels and fits in the scenario and mood of the game to make you feel like its a thrill. And the music doesn't get boring and annoying after a while like other games. The sound effects are just done great,for instance when you shoot out a light you hear an electric short out as if it was real life sound effect. The games speech is crystal clear not rough and scratchy you can hear them talk good you can also put the taking text on to screen in the options menu so you can read what they say when they talk.

Is all that and a bag of chips! The options in the game are great and plentyful also you can select a characters body and change the characters head to which you want which can mix match a funny combination.You can also save your stats with a memory card and save your custom settings up to eight but I don't know how many pages it takes up yet.Also you can select what kind of weapons you want like Power...Pistols...ect..instead of armor you gotta find shields to protect your health from going down first.You can play against up to EIGHT sims and there hard on Normal diffculuty not your average one head shot and on the floor. So be careful...There are about six-teen different multi-player stages with the complex,facility and temple all re-textured and look great.

You can go against a human player in the solo missions in any missions you already beat and its fun. The enemy Human player trying to stop Joanna has LOTS of ammo but little health like the rest of the computer players. you can also use a suicide pill to die to morph to another spot in the game hoping to get that dreaded one player again;you have infinite suicide pills. Also you can be on a human players friend. You and your friend can play to kick some CPU butt.you can have an option to have friendly fire on or off. And have a radar on to see and locate your friend easier.Is so much fun I was playing on teams with my friend. You can also go to a training place to train you know your basic moves and easy stuff for you un-expericenced Golden Eye players. Also witch is REALLY REALLY cool you can walk around the Carrington Instuite as Joanna in first person view before you start the game and interact with the characters..the characters just say stuff like Mr.Carrington says "Good evening Joanna follow me" and Scientist talk and have that nerdy geeking voice to make them sound like they fit in with there image. You can go to Target Practice to win medals Bronze,Silver and Gold,to gain acess to the classic guns in Goldeneye you can use. Also you can acess character profiles and use gadgets to know how to use them in the real deal. Its all quite cool and the rest of the game won't let you down etheir.

Ok Ok to top it all off for last does PD 1-up GoldenEye in everyway? well so far it has lets see about the Framerate Ok? ITS GREAT!!! you can have a one player game with high-res mode and be smooth very smooth and quite fast sometimes when alot of enemies are on screen with gun fire it can get about three seconds choppy and very alittle slow but nothing like OH YIKES nothing to have a big let down about. With two players in counter operative (against each other) it slows down and gets choppy alot cause of the enemies human players screen and one players screen has alot of guys firing the guns all at once and alot of guys to process...BUT its not like you gotta close your eyes when this happens. For two player Co-Operative (on teams) its nothing at all to be ashamed about...fast and smooth and I don't remember seeing any slow down at all honestly I don't...really...! Multi-player well then my mind turns thoughts...ok ok the big M is here for your friends to get all hyped for a Friday night PD all out Frag Fest....but is the framerate there for you? Well here's the truth. Ok with Two players its GREAT! fast and smooth no slow down so far that I saw and even with two bots playing against us it didn't seem to affect the frame rate at all really you gotta believe me. Now with three players and bots it doesn't get choppy at all but it runs half-way sluggish like your jogging and not really running. Its alright and you gotta just get used to it thats all. Now the multi player texture colors are different and unique from Golden eye they seem more like there rusted and sort of blah and dull BUT!!! Remember I just got the game today so its like a new pair of shoes you gotta break em in to feel right. Just like the colors and new things in the game,I mean it 1-ups Golden Eye in every aspect,its just the new color on the walls makes you feel like you in a different country for the first time you gotta get used to your surroundings.

PD frame rate with two player co-opertative mode in large area's such as outdoors the frame rate oftenly slows down and gets very choppy with a lot of enemies firing on screen. I put the game on both high and low-res on that board the only difference with low-res is that when it gets to a lot of enemies firing on screen its more smoother but still lots of jerkiness. This only happened on the Mission 2:Carrington Villa its quite choppy. Besides that its good. I am currently playing all boards on Secret Agent (medium difficulty) with one computer bot on my team known as Velvet Dark (female) oh yes last night I was exploring The 2:Carrington Institute the place were you can look around HQ (head quarters) and see each room. You can go to training area's to improve going against enemies using your skills and also the equipment you use. There is one room where it shows about six of the original Golden Eye guns in individual glass walls. Thats pretty cool I thought. Me and my friend are doing the Multiplayer challenges and believe hard and expert sims are no joke. There better then any human player I ever played. Its like the sims know the boards inside and out like there the designer of them and they take cover and shoot at you and quite good accuracy. And with Perfect and Dark sims there is no escape from dying. You can command sims on your team to Attack Certain Enemy,Defend current position,hold current position,protect you at all costs,follow you,normal where the sim plays like you just does things naturally ya know collect guns,shields kill bad guys,also in special modes the sims you can command them to hold the briefcase download the terminal,its pretty cool. The weapon the far sight is REALLY cool the gun shows heat censored players running and this gun can look through walls. The gun can slowly quite slowly search for players and then shoot them once locked on to. The gun shoots orbs out. And one hit with the gun your gone. Every weapon has a secondary function if you hold the button B down for about two seconds the secondary function will work of course you can always change it back to the other function. One gun secondary function you throw the gun away it lands and turns into mini turret and who ever walks by not on your team it shoots its called the Lap Top Gun. The game has cinema scenes in the middle of the game too which is really cool with lots of voices you can hear and also the length of one is quite long. Well, Thats sums it up for this review.

Review by: Kid Ice MC