"Parasite Eve"

Pretty good. The characters are modled pretty well and their movement, although repetitive, is pretty good. Backgrounds are pre-rendered and all are pretty good. Enemy's are all well done, and each are quite weird looking. Now for the CG movies, they're excellent, and they're plenty of em. From a rat transformation, to a dog transformation each one is amazing. All in all good graphics.

More of a techno sound to the game. The opening is good, the battle theme is ok, although I got sick of it. The boss theme is well done . Others didn't stand out that much. Sound effects are kinda cheap, doors opening are ok, but others didn't sound right.

Well in the run down, Aya, a NYPD cop goes out to the opera, and suddenly everyone starts on fire and dies except for her and an actress named Melissa. Melissa turns into Eve and seems to be starting a mitochondria revolution. You might have heard of them in school, energy producers I think. It's summer I don't know anymore. Aya is the only one who can stop her.

Well first thing first. Aya runs too slow. Now that that's done with, onto battle systems. Battle's are random, however the set up is a bit different. When Aya enters a battle there is a small area you can run around. Enemy attacks can be dodged for the most part. When the active timer reaches the end you can attack with your gun or club, use an item, or PE energy. PE energy is basically magic. As you gain levels you gain new PE energy spells. From Heal to the Knights of the Round of PE. Items are handled as normal, however you have a very limited space until you gain levels or use Bonus Points. Bonus points are obtained at each level up, the points can be distributed to lower the wait of the time bar or to increase item capacity. Weapons can be customized, when you use tools, tools are found in random chests throughout the game. Wheny ou find a tool you can take away an ability from one gun and add it to another. Each gun has some abilities from three shots, to explosive bullets. Using the tool system efficiantly the perfect gun can be made. Many people call this a mix between survival horror and rpgs or at the time. Resident Evil and FF7. Personally this isn't a survival horror game at all. Ammo can be found almost anywhere and not once did I have trouble with ammo or had to run from an enemy. The horror part? The only thing the least bit scary was the music and the hospital basement. That's what I think at least. Another small features were the trading cards, finding these result in the super tool, a tool that won't run out when you use it.

Replay Value:
Well after beating this short game once you get, sorta a new game+. You keep one weapon and one armor of a choice, (ones you name at the end of the game) and anything kept in the storage boxes. New Game+ is the same game with the addition of a 70+ floor building. On top you fight a really hard boss and get a different ending. Also save points cease to exist in the building. Luckily an elevator is there, and after every ten floors you get a key to the elevator which will bring you back to the beginning and then back up.

Easy-Medium-I never had much trouble in the game. Getting a Game Over maybe once or twice. Puzzles are mainly find the key, which can be pretty hard if you don't think about checking a desk. Battles are all around easy, except for the little spiders if you're on a low level. Boss battles weren't too hard, except for the final boss's 3rd form and the boss before the final boss. This game can be hard if you don't customize your guns, although even if you don't, you shouldn't have much trouble with it.

Buy or Rent?
(Bottom Line); Well unless you plan on going through the 70 floor tower I suggest a rent. It's short enough to beat in the time limit. However it is pretty cheap nowadays. If you like RPG's and active battles go ahead an buy it, if you don't I suggest a rental first. As always the decision is yours.

MY Score:7/10

Review by: STARSCOP33