"Resident Evil: Code Veronica"

It's for Dreamcast, what do you exepect? The graphics are excellent. The backgrounds are very good, as with the character and enemy designs. The backgrounds aren't pre rendered like all the Resident Evil's before it. This means the camera can move with the character. Like Dino Crisis or Silent Hill. Although they still use the suddenly switching to another scene trick. The FMV is really good, the opening is one of the best openings for a game, ever.

Music wise it's good. Background music gives off a creepy feel, and the boss music (especially for the Tyrant) is great. Sound effects are where it's at. From gun shots, to footsteps, to the monsters moans and groans. Everything is great. Voice acting is the best in the series so far. Steve's voice was annoying for a while but I got used to it. Claire has the same voice actor as she did in RE2, except she did a better job in this one.

The story is like all the others really. Except it adds two more new bad guys, and brings back an old friend. In a basic run down, Claire invades a Paris facility but is caught and imprisoned on a remote island. Something goes wrong, of course, and it's Claires job to escape. Umbrella has really been screwing up lately.

The control and weird camera angles stay the same. One thing that annoys me is that half the time you don't see what you're shooting at due to a tricky camera angle. The control is about the same, except a couple buttons were switched around from the playstation set up. One annoying part with the control is that if you slipped up while holding up or down Claire will turn slowly in a circle, it caused me a couple zombie bites. Nothing really new in this Resident Evil, in fact they took away a couple features from three. Including the automatic dodge feature, which I really wish they would've kept. In one early scene, it's Claire surrounded by zombies, armed with a combat knife. Items need to be checked more than ever now, usually it's an obvious item that you need to check. I.E. a vase. All in all, nothing new from any other RE.

Replay Value:
This hurt the game. With decent replay value in 2 and 3, this is a step down. The upside is that the game will take you at least 10 hours the first time through. With out a walkthrough or anything. Longer then any other RE to date. When you beat the game you get a Battle mode. This is mainly for fun and adds nothing to the game. You can play the game again to try an get an A rating and open up ne characters for battle mode, but that's about it.

Buy or Rent?
(The bottom line); If you like the RE series buy it. If you don't this really won't change your opinion, you can rent if you like but it's up to you.

My Score 9/10

Review by: STARSCOP33