"Resident Evil 2"

A big step up from one. Much of the game takes place in the Police Station which is well detailed. Also the monsters and characters are well modled. Backgrounds again are pre-rendered. CG movies are pretty well done.

Once again creepy. Sound effects are good, like the first. Voice Acting is a great step up with no more laugh out loud dialouge. However it still sounds cheesy at times. Also the new enemy-The licker has the scariest monster sound. A raspy breathing, especially when you can't see them.

Leon and Claire go to Racoon City to find that it's been taken over by zombies. Who's at the bottom of all this? We know but they don't. This game introduces a whole new virus and many new characters.

Just like RE in the control department. Also weird camera angles, just like RE. I hate when you can't see what your shooting at but oh well. Puzzles are REALLY outta place here. I mean pushing statues in a police station? Finding CHESS pieces to get to the sewers? Nothing really new, besides the auto aim feature. A welcome addition. Also each character has another character you can play as for a bit. Leon has Ada, and Claire has Sherry.

Replay Value:
Excellent! Each character should be played twice for a total of 4 sorta different endings. Once you beat Leon's game you can Play Claires B game and get a full ending, and then play Claires A game to get Leon's B game and a slightly different full ending. THen you can find the costumes or try for the rocket launcher, and in the new addition there is a battle mode. It'll last a while.

Medium- Not as Hard as RE1. But still a challange. The Lickers can be a bit of a challange if you face them with a hand gun.

Buy or Rent?
(Bottom Line); Unless you hate RE games, buy it. It's cheap too, and it'll last a while. Personally this is my second favorite Resident Evil game after Code Veronica.

My Score: 9/10

Review by: STARSCOP33