"Resident Evil"

Pretty good being the first resident Evil! Backgrounds are varied and pre-rendered. From the mansion hall to the lab. Characters can look grainy and zombies all look the same. But still decent.

Background music is mainly creepy, hell even the save room is pretty creepy. Boss music is fast paced as it should be. Sound effects are good, from a Hunters click, to a zombies moan, to the gun fire. Voices on the other hand....damn they're funny. Some scenes will make you laugh out loud. ("Who shot him? I wonder") Hey look at it as adding a certain humorous side to a scary game.

The bravo team of Racoon's Cities stars are missing after exploring certain deaths. Alpha team is sent to investigate. A couple plot twists and the introduction to Umbrella ( I maye have the bravo alpha thing mixed up, but oh well)

Travel through the mansion and other areas and solve the mystery. Control is different, Up always goes forward no matter what. So it'll take time getting used to. I wish you could walk while holding the gun up but alas you can't. Puzzles are..interesting but many of them are easy and seem out of place. Herbs can be combined as in every RE after this one. Not to much to write about here for once..

Replay Value:
Well there is some costumes and the Rocket Launcher that you get for beating it. Still it's just fun to play both games. (Jill's and Chris's) and it's funny to hear them talk. Also there are a lot of endings. 4 per person I believe.

Medium to Difficuly-Jill's game is Medium. Chris's game is damn near impossible. He only can carry 6 items and ammom is scarce. You need to be good to beat his.

Rent or Buy?
(Bottom Line); If you hate these types of games don't even rent. However if you like Resident Evil buy it. It's very cheap now. Worth your money and it's fun to play. (and laugh at the voice acting)

My score: 8/10

Review by: STARSCOP33