"Sonic Adventure"

Being the first game on the Dreamcast...Minblowing. Each area has it's own look, and the few CG movies in the game are quite amazing. The characters all look excellent and so does each area. Although, if you can even notice at the game's blinding speed, there is a lot of pop up in some areas, and some camera problems and glitches.

The music rocks. Literally, each level has an excellent theme My favorite being Bad Taste Aquarium. The music is really well done, each character even has his or her own theme song. Sound effects range from picking up rings to cars honking at you in Station Square. All the sound effects are great. Voices on the other hand...well some of the voices are okay, Sonic's, Knuckle's Robotniks. Others are plain annoying...Tails Amy, Big. But voices can be turned off or turned to there original japanese voices.

Well basically the same with all the Sonic Games. Robotnik is trying to get the 7 Chaos Emeralds and revive a enemy by the name of Chaos...a liquidy..thing. Sonic is out to stop him. However other elements are thrown in, each character has a seperate story and you can put them together. Also each character has one or more adventures into th past where they meet an echidna girl. If you can remember all the pasts it will all come together and make sense in the secret seventh character adventure.

Wow this game is fast! You can play six characters total...Sonic's is the basic game and he just goes through the levels and completes the objective...save Tails or get the Chaos emerald. Tail's game is to race Sonic to the objective, which is usually get the Chaos Emerald. Tails has to use his flying abilities to beat Sonic, and most of it is quite easy. Knuckles is a game of Hot and Cold. His job is to find the missing pieces of the Master Emerald (Which broke when the floating isle fell.) He can sense them and a beeping noise, accompinied with a picture of the piece activates when he is near one. Emeralds can be in enemies, dug up or in plain view. Amy's game is one of chicken. She has to run away from a robot named Zero, until she finally faces it in a show down. Amy runs soooo slow though, it annoys me after the blinding speed with Sonic. She carries a mallet and can stall the robot if he's too close or kill enemies. Her game reminded me of RE Nemesis. The robot E-102's job is destroy all the other robots Robotnik created thus freeing the animal inside them. His game is basically a shoot em up in the fastest time possible. Big's game just plain sucks, his game is fishing for a Frog..rather boring. Each character can obtain special items, Sonic, speed items. Tails for Flying. Knuckles gets digging claws, Big gets fishing rods and a float. All sorts of stuff lay about. Mini games are also presant, from flying an airplane, to playing a mallet game with Amy, or raising Chao. Yes virtual pets! Each Chao can be hatched from an egg and fed and played with so it can race. If you win a race you get a Sonic Emblem. Chao's can also be transfered to the VMU card and be taken for a walk. Sometimes they will encounter bad Chao and be forced to fight. In return items are obtained...and a stronger Chao. Each Chao can be fed items to enchance its speed, intelligence and what not. Sonic Adventure is quite a big game.

Replay Value:
Actually quite high. With six characters total and a seventh one after all six are beaten and 130 or so Sonic Emblems. The Sonic Emblems are usually obtained after completing objectives in levels or Mini-games. Usually 3 per level. Also they can be found in each overworld map. While I've been told nothing happens when you get them all, I wouldn't know as I have yet to do it.

Easy-Medium-Unfourtunately the majority of the difficulty lies in collecting all the Sonic Emblems. Most levels for Sonic and Tails can be breezed through and go by so fast they seem short. However some of the other characters offer a decent challange, and the Final boss Perfect Chaos offers quite a challange.

Buy or Rent?
(Bottom Line); I suggest buying this gem. It's fun, action packed and save some bad camera problems I can see no reason why you wouldn't like it. I just wish they would let you skip scenes you've seen already. It's the only thing that brings my score down.

My score: 9/10

Review by: STARSCOP33