"Pokémon Snap"

Graphics: 8/10
Easily the best part about the game. The Pokémon look quite good in 3-D. The backgrounds are well done, and pleasing to look at. Sometimes the Pokémon's arms will go through a wall, usually only with the bigger ones. Professor Oak is more anime styled, and that's fine by me.

Sound: 3/10
I never really noticed the music, but from what I've heard that's a good thing. Sound effects can be really annoying, paticularily the items you throw out. The Pokémon make various noises, but I think Pikachu was the only one who said his name. I suggest muting it and listening to a CD.

Story: 1/10
Well there is a story, but not a good one. What can you expect from photography game anyway? Professor Oak assigns you to take snapshots of the various Pokémon and hopefully get a picture of the elusive Mew.

Yawn, this game bored me quickly. Taking pictures isn't the most exciting thing to do, but it's made even worse as they have you on a moving track. What kind of idiotic idea is that? Why, Nintendo, why? This would've been so much better if you were allowed to freely explore each level, but instead you're forced to stay on a set path and take pictures as the Pokémon come by. Several items are available to your use, a smoke bomb for finding hidden Pokémon or just ticking them off, a piece of fruit to lure a Pokémon closer, a flute to make them dance, and finally an item that makes your vehicle move faster. Your object is to get a good picture and have it scored by Professor Oak. Now if only they put in every Pokémon, however they put in less than half.

Replay Value: (Lasting Value) 2/10
This is one of the shortest games I've played. Beat it in less than an hour. Oh sure you're given very easy requirements for each level, and a few secret areas are scattered about for getting items. The only thing that brings the score up is the fact that you won't get every Pokémon the first time, a few clever puzzles are thrown in. For instance to get a Gyrados you must smack a Magikarp with a Smoke Ball, it'll fly off when you find it hit it again, and Gyrados will appear. Finally, in each level is a sign you can find with the camera, and offered a little more replay value. Difficulty: Insanely Easy
Easily beaten in an hour, nothing challanging except maybe one little puzzle. This game was obviously meant for kids.

Buy or Rent?
Unless you're the biggest Pokémon fan in the world, rent this game. Please rent it, if you even consider playing it at all. You'll most likely beat it on the very first day. Definately not worth the price tag of $50.

MY score 1/10

Review by: STARSCOP33