"Seiken Densetsu 3 [Secret of Mana 2]"

As usual a step up from Secret of Mana. Better detailed then SoM, and all around nicer looking. Enemies are well done, a long with the six main characters. Areas are also well done, from Moonlight Jungle, or the Sub Zero Snowfields.

Very well done. Some very catchy music. Boss music is pretty good, and many dungeons are also well done in the music department. Sound effects as many are on the SNES, are ok. Doors opening sound kinda dumb but no big deal.

Basic story, a farie escapes from the Holy Mana Land and finds whichever character you picked. The adventure draws out by having three separate groups fighting over the Mana Sword, and some ok plot twists.

Here's where the real value lies. The system is set up much like SoM. The circle menus are back, a long with the multiplayer. At the start you can choose three out of six characters. Depending on who you picked the game can be pretty easy or extremely hard. The first character picked is the 'main' character, and each main character has their own little opening, however all of them lead to one town, and no matter who you pick the adventure stays pretty much the same. Until the end, depending on what Main character you picked, you can fight one of three final bosses, along with added end dungeons and minor bosses. Item's are handled much like the original SoM however this one welcomes a storage box. In the original the max items you could carry were nine at a time, however if you buy another item after nine it goes in the storage box. The storage box can be accessed anywhere, as long as you don't have your weapons out. Everytime you near an enemy your weapon automatically comes out, and when you defeated all of them, they go back in. Equipping is different from SoM, as it is in an entirely different menu. Some things this game left out? Well the mana orbs, and upgrading weapons. Instead each character has his or her own weapon type. Other than that this game plays almost just like SoM, and that's a good thing.

Replay Value:
Well if you can play through the whole game three times to see three different final bosses and three slightly different endings then it has a high replay value. Also adding to it is the return of multiplayer. Which is also fun.

Depends-All depends on what three charcters you pick. A good team for first play is Angela, Hawk, and Carrie. Just remember that most of the guys are for physical and girls for magic, try and round them out. Last thing you want to do is be stuck with no healing magic throughout the whole game.

Buy or Rent?
(Bottom Line); Well you can't really buy or rent it, unless you import it. However english versions are on emulators, and there are many sites that have them. And it's all free. I suggest you give this game a try. I personally thought Square should of released it over here.

My Score-9/10

Review by: STARSCOP33