"Vagrant Story"

FMV is hardly presant save the opening, and like Metal Gear Solid, Vagrant Story uses in game graphics through out. The in game graphics are very well done, except some of the backgrounds get repetitive. The characters are modeled very well and move with fluid motion. Enemies are well done, although some are used over with a different color. This includes bosses also, mainly in the Iron Maiden-a bonus dungeon.

This game needed voice acting so badly. You just wish for it in the opening. Music wise, it fits the tone, mainly used just to fill in the silence. The only dungeon music that stood out to me was the Undercity and Abandoned Mines B2 Sound effects are great, from the growling of a monster, to the clash of your weapons. Although the "Miss" sound effect makes it sound like your weapon just broke or something.

Vagrant Story is a dungeon crawler. (i.e. Diablo) Yet the story is actually pretty good. It centers around Ashley Riot and the week he spent in the destroyed city of Lea Monde. I don't want to spoil anything so that's all im gonna say.

Very good gameplay. The weapon system is one of the most in depth systems I've seen. With Edged, Piercing, and Blunt weapons which are good for different enemy types. Although if you have a weapon for each enemy type it requires a lot of switching around. Magic is a mixed bag, you'll most likely never use attack magic, except on maybe one or two bosses, however all the status effecting magic and Elemental magic is very useful. Something annoying is the discarding you'll be having to do. You can store things in containers but you'll be forced to use your memory card, and it takes a while.

Replay Ability:
Another high point. After completeing the game you get to start a New Game + in which you keep all your equipment. Only during the New Game+ can you find 100% of the map. You can obtain 32 titles throughout the game, for killing a certain amount of enemies, or finding all the chests and exploring the entire city. It'll keep you busy.

Medium-Hard; The first play through will be difficult until you get a grasp on the weapon system. However each play after wasn't too hard.

Buy or Rent?
(Bottom Line) Buy it if you like dungeon crawlers, it has a good story, and its all around fun to play. If you seriously hate dungeon crawlers give it a rent it could change your mind.

My Score: 9/10

Review by: STARSCOP33