"Wild Arms"

The characters graphics are small sprites. Nothing much to say about them. In battle they are super deformed and blocky. Not real pleasent to look at but passable. The areas are ok some are kinda bland like the Aldehyde dungeon area. There is an opening anime and it is well done.

Music is excellent. Each tune is very well done, although you might get real sick of the battle theme before the end of the game. The only problem is that the songs are real short, the final boss theme being 30 seconds long before repeating. Sound effects are well done, the tools all have their own sound. Even crashing into a wall sounds pretty good. Voice acting is'nt present.

The basic save the world with one of the more humorus enemies, Zed. Your characters, Rudy, Jack and Cecilia are developed pretty well. Although Rudy barely talks saying maybe two sentances throughout the entire game.

During battle, it's turned based. The menu is easy to learn, you can attack, defend, run or change equipment. If attacking you can attack normally, use magic, ARMS or Sword attacks, use items or your force. Your force bar goes up as you attack or get attacked. Everyone can learn up to 4 forces, each character has their own 3 forces while the 4th is a guardian summon. Guardians are obtained by runes won from battle or hidden. Each character can equip one rune which effects their stats for better or worse. Characters can also equip armor and weapons, along with an accessory. Outside of battles each character can obtain up to 4 tools. These tools are used for puzzle solving in the many dungeons. For instance Rudy gets bombs which blow open large boxes or blocked off passageways. Jack gets a hookshot, and Cecilia gets a wand which can be used to talk to animals. 9 others await. Jack can also obtain sword abilities in dungeons or even in battle. Depending on where you go in a dungeon or how well you explore in a town Jack will learn quite a few ??? techniques. By repeatedly using these techniques Jack will learn them permanatley. Each one takes up a certain amount of Mp, but you can find Secret Signs which lower the Mp use of an attack by 1. Rudy can find Arms in dungeons. Arms are basically special guns and range from a laser to a cannon. These guns are located in White chests so exploring is a must. Cecilia learns magic through the use of Crest Graphs, also found in dungeons, towns, or even on the map. Using this Crest Graph Cecilia can get magic, is varied and even after getting them all there is a secret area with even more magic. Luckily you can remove the magic and get the Crest Graph back. Puzzles aren't too tough, and some require pushing blocks or using tools, however it's a nice change from the blow right through the dungeon way.

Replay Value
Actually pretty high. Along with the game are many sidequests. Many include finding secret runes or an ultimate item. For instance a whole new dungeon awaits if you get stuck in the Elw Pyramid transportation. At the end lies one of the hardest bosses in the game. If you must find everything then you'll be stuck with this game a bit after you beat it.

The game isn't very hard to begin with, but when you find the Black Market and are able to buy 99 Goat Dolls(they take the fatal blow for you)the game becomes insanely easy. Especially with the ability to change equipment in the middle of battle. But you don't have to do this and if you want a challange I wouldn't reccomend it. Puzzles can be challanging however no where near as hard as Alundra's.

Buy or Rent?
I guess it's still out for rent, I myself bought it. It's an older RPG so it can be found for a cheaper price. All in all it's a fun game if you don't mind puzzles and a basic story. However this game is lighthearted and some moments will have you laughing out loud. I suggest a buy.

MY Score 8/10

Reviewed by: STARSCOP33