Parasite Eve 2 Walkthrough
Much Thanks to: Ibrahim Ghouth
May Contain Spoilers

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Playstation Parasite Eve II FAQ/Walkthrough
September 14, 2000
Version 0.9
Done by Ibrahim Ghouth [ibmG] (

Well this is my second FAQ so please forgive my inexperienced writing style. 
This document is meant to be a tip/walkthrough for the Playstation version of 
Parasite Eve II. This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright of Ibrahim Ghouth and is not
to be reproduced unless in its whole form or to be sold for profit without the 
author's permission.

Parasite Eve II is a trademark of Square Co. Ltd. Copyright 1998-1999 by 
Square Co. Ltd. All related names fall under the same applicable laws. 
All rights reserved.

Any comments or tips on enhancing this document, please direct your e-mail to

1. Updates
2. Prelude
3. Introduction
4. Basics/Controls
5. Cast
6. Walkthrough
7. Weapon List
8. Armor List
9. Item List
10.Key Item List
11.Parasite Energy List


1. Updates

Version 0.7........First version of faq written from scratch to the end of 
12/9/00            disc 1, weapon, item, PE, Key Item, Armor lists added
Version 0.8........Second version of faq written till Neo Ark
14/9/00            Lv3 PE list, more weapons, items, armors, key items added
Version 0.9........Third version of faq written till the end w/ bad ending.
17/9/00            more weapon, items, armors, key items added.
                   Added Secrets and Aftermath sections.
                   Will be updating good ending .. soon...


2. Prelude

Parasite Eve was released in Japan in early 1998 and later in 
America in September 1998. It was a first of its kind and Square labeled it 
as a 'Cinematic RPG'. In December 1999 the sequel is released in Japan. 
And now in September 2000 in the US (almost a year later...)
It features improved graphics over predecessor and a different storyline. 
The game still takes place in the New York area but in the year 2000... 


3. Introduction

The game takes place a few years after the original. The year is 2000.
Aya is now part of the (M.I.S.T)Mitochondrion Investigation and 
Suppression Team which was formed after the crisis the past year involving Eve 
and her mitochondria bred creatures. Although Eve was eventually killed, 
Mitochondria based creatures are still running amok in the streets and are now
labeled as N.M.C(Neo Mitochondrion Creatures).


4. Basics/Controls

i) Controls

It seems like Square revamped the controls to be more toward the RE series. 
Does this mean the game is moving towards there to?

Up      -      Moves Aya forward
Down    -      Moves Aya backwards
Left    -      Turns Aya Anti-clockwise
Right   -      Turns Aya Clockwise

Circle  -      Hold to make Aya run(not needed if analog is used)
X       -      Check surroundings, open doors etc
Triangle-      Bring up Aya Parasite Energy menu
Square  -      Hold to make Aya lift and ready weapon or target enemy

R1      -      Shoots Weapon(only in battle mode)
R2      -      Shoots secondary function(as in half-life)

Select  -      Brings up Map
Start   -      Brings up Status Screen

This new controls is a godsend to those familiar with RE controls but somehow 
rather brings disaster to PE. Running away from enemies to avoid their attack 
just became harder. Anyway it takes alot of getting used to...especially if
you just played the original PE.


ii)Battle System

Square also changed the battle system. Meeting the enemies is the same. 
When u enter the enemies field of view or target them, you enter a battle 
which is signified by the screen turning black and white for a moment
(as in RE3). However the battle system is now changed.

1)There is no more ATB(Active Time Bar) for actions. 
  Instead Aya can target an enemy with Square button. 
  When targeted, the enemy can be shot at by holding the R1 button 
  which then depending on your gun shoots according to its Rate of Fire. 
  This makes the system more action oriented.

2)Magic or Parasite Energy is used by pressing the triangle button 
  which in turns brings up a menu of all P. Energy Aya has learned. 
  Depending on the magic highlighted, a polygonal target field would appear 
  which signifies its range. The magic is then chosen by pressing the 
  circle button which brings up an ATP which decreases and the magic is cast 
  when it reaches 0. The length of time it takes for the ATP to reach 0 depends
  on the spell used.

3)Battle area is significantly increased in size and is now the whole area 
  you are in. Meaning you can switch 'screens' during battle. 

4)Escapes are done by entering a door or climbing a ladder to go into a 
  new area. This however loses you 10 BP(Bounty Points).

5)When a battle is won you receive Experience Points, BP, MP.



The map is a very useful tool in PEII.

1)Parts of the map is revealed as you enter the area.

2)The whole map is revealed when u find a copy of the map and your GPS 
  tool creates a copy.

3)A red arrow represents yourself and the direction you are facing.

4)A blue line represents a door.

5)A key on a door represents a locked door(this appears when u try to open a 
  locked door for the first time. It turns blue when unlocked). Therefore it is 
  suggested to check ALL doors despite it being know to be locked for future

6)A T symbol represents a telephone which is used to save your progress.

7)A B symbol represents a box used to hold items like chests in RE.

8)An area highlighted red represents an area where enemies are present
  (hehe this kills all surprises).

9)A red dot represents your current destination.

10)You can also press Triangle to hear some of Aya's comments on the area.



1)Aya can hold 20 items with her at once but not all of these are available to 
  her during battle.

2)In order to make them available to her in battle, you have to attach them to 
  her armor. The number of slots available in her armor depends on the type of 
  armor she is currently wearing.

3)Essential items to be attached are bullets, a spare weapon and maybe a 
  medicine or two.

4)Pressing Triangle while on an item in the status screen brings up a new
  screen which tells further info about the item. This is applicable to armors
  and weapons as well. Magic too!!


v)Parasite Energy 

Parasite Energy is PE form of magic. However it style is very different from 

1)There are 4 elements of magic(fire, water, earth, wind)

2)Magic is learnt by trading Exp pts for learning a new spell or a higher level
  version of it.(This is done by highlighting the spell, then selecting the 
  first option. The exp pts required are at the bottom right hand corner of
  screen. Choosing revive/strengthen will make you 'learn' that spell)

3)There seems to be only 8 types of spell so far. All are explained below.

4)Using magic in battle is different. This is highlighted above under 
  Battle system.


5. Cast

These are the main characters as highlighted in the Opening CG.

Name               Role
Aya Brea           Main character of PE and PE II
Pierce Carrandine  Aya's Partner?
Rupert Broderick   Aya met him in the Akropolis Tower
Gary Douglas       Resident of Dryfield
No. 9              Mysterious member
Jodie Bouquet      Runs a store in M.I.S.T HQ
Kyle Madigan       Aya meets him in Dryfield
Eve                She's back????

Hal Baldwin        Leader of L.A. MIST Department
Flint              Dog of Gary Douglas

6. Walkthrough

Some notes before continuing with my walkthrough. You may seem to think I am
being brief with my faqs but actually I am just trying to keep the game spoiler
free. Therefore I will only be highlighting the strategies of completing the 
areas, getting items and killing bosses. Some bosses names may be spoilers so
try your best not to look. I am not here to tell you the story of PEII. :P

Also Legend of this walkthrough...highlight the word and hit CTRL+F in WordPad
to find the words in this document.

!!!BOSS!!!         - start of a boss fight
!!!END BOSS!!!     - end of a boss fight
(((OPTIONAL)))     - optional area
(((END OPTIONAL))) - end of OPTIONAL area
@@TIP@@            - just a tip from me :)
-=[ITEM            - ITEM(S) you may find in the area (some my end with 'S]=-'
                     so just search the document with the prefix)
Shop               - Various 'shops' in the game
----------------------------{{GOOD ENDING PT}}---------------------------------
A point which is a pre-requirement to get the good ending
--------------------------{{END GOOD ENDING PT}}-------------------------------
                           end of GOOD ENDING PT

----------------------------{{BAD ENDING PT}}----------------------------------
A point which happens if the BAD ending path is chosen

--------------------------{{END BAD ENDING PT}}--------------------------------
                           end of BAD ENDING PT

So lets get it on!!!

September 4 2000 8.18pm
M.I.S.T Center, Los Angeles
You start in the M.I.S.T Training center at the Shooting gallery. After your 
introduction with Pierce is over, you are given the choice to either start your
training or forget it. I suggest you at least do a level 1 training before 
proceeding. Oh yeah! You also get to choose a music to be played during this
time. The only weapon available to be chosen would be the M93R. In the training
press Square to target the targets and R1 to shoot. Press Start to and choose 
the bullet icon to manually reload.

Lv Description
1) Aya is stationary as well as the targets. No human targets to avoid. 
2) Aya is stationary but there are moving targets. No humans. Easily done.
3) Aya goes into the battlefield and enemies move around her. You are 
   introduced to the GPS (Global Positioning System). The GPS tracks down enemy
   movement. By the way human targets are to be AVOIDED and targets are unable
   to hurt you even if u ram into them.
4) Aya is in the battlefield with the introduction of magic or otherwise called
   PE. Things get tough here but you do get 2 free colas.
5) Aya is in 'Real Battle Mode". Supposedly a simulation of real battle.
   (Since when it got this tough??) Cardboxes flash for a while before you get
   zapped by a electric bolt from the ceiling. You are required to equip your
   own items before the fight so press start and do it!! You are given a number
   of Recovery1s and MP Boost1s.

You get 100,200,300 BP depending on how well you did in each training level. 
Also if you did well enough, Jodie will give you some items.
Some of the items I got were
1)50 x 9mm Hydra Bullets
2)Ringer's Solution
3)Hunter Goggles
4)Shoulder Holster

Seems like I am missing 1 more...hmm....
Anyways it might seem tad difficult at this point in time so if you can't
handle it leave it for later. 

@@TIP@@ Interact with items more than once. This will invoke various replies
        showing Aya's witty character (trying to keep herself from being insane
        i say) Also some may give off important clues and juicy information.

Head outside once you are done. Enter the room you pass by before reaching the 
carpark. This is the shop where you can use BP to buy items like guns, ammo, 
medicine etc. 

-Weapon              BP
--PA3                1000
--M4A1               2450
-Ammo                BP
--Shotgun             60 per 10
--5.56               100 per 80
--Batteries/Fuel       FREE
-Armor               BP
--Turtle Vest        1680
--Combat Armour      3250
-Items               BP
--Recovery1          100
--MP Boost1          320
--Penicillin          80
--Stim                80
--Combat Light        60
--Pepper Spray       100

Talk to Jodie to learn more about guns and Pierce. Head to the carpark next.

In the carpark, head left from where you came in and move to the area with lots
of first aid kits. Check the area for Recovery3. Talk to Pierce to start your 
first mission at the Akropolis Tower.


September 4 2000 8.56pm
Akropolis Tower, Los Angeles

You start in the streets outside the Akropolis Tower. You may notice that 
you may not be able to run in this area? Why? Because you are more or less in 
an FMV(Full Motion Video) which takes a lot of RAM area thus disallowing the 
space for the frames and speed of Aya running. Anyway technical stuff aside 
graphics look real cool (unless you got a PS that is skipping...then this part
is a tearjerker as you hear your PS desperately trying to breathe its last)

When you enter the building head to the square where you will hear the phone 
ringing. Pick it up and speak to your superior Baldwin. Enter the door next to 
it and receive a key from a SWAT member. Back in the square there are four 
things for you to take.

1)A Recovery1 from 1 of the dead bodies beside the window that is broken.
2)A map copy from the white terminal at the back of the statue
3)Supply Box of 500 9mm ammo from the front of the statue (unlimited)
4)A Recovery2 at the bottom of the screen from where you took the ammo.

Head down to the Patio where when you press SELECT you see Patio highlighted in
red. You know what this means. LUCK!!. Using the key the SWAT member gave you,
enter the Cafeteria. Enjoy your next enemy.

-------Human ANMC-------
My Weapon of choice: M93R

Games are always easy at the start. This is a simple boss. Stay where you are
blast him a few pistol shots and when he gets closer, use Pyrokinesis all the
way. Piece of cake.

1)Check the table for a Scientific Journal
2)Check the monster's body for a Metallic Implant(Key Item)
!!!END BOSS!!!

Once you grab the implant, you will meet a new friend Rupert Broderick. He will
keep you out of the cafe. At this point you will find all the doors locked and 
you will find enemies running wild around the area.

Head to the lobby and make a phone call. Now find the elevator hall locked from
the inside and head back to the cafe. Move on to the walkway you didn't go to

1)Get Blue Key from Key Box
2)Stim from fridge in kitchen
3)Recovery1 from body in kitchen
4)MP Boost2 from garbage can next to entrance to cafe area from Fountain

In the security room, check the monitor to survey the area. Note missing SWAT 
from next to coke machine. What happened to him?? Then check the control panel
next to the monitor to find keyholes. Blue Key...Key hole...Blue Key...keyhole.
Left Keyhole to be precise. Also the notice board opposite the control panel
sprouts some nice info on a musical piece called bridge. Head to the fountain 
area, unlock the gate to the Patio for easy access, and head to the Forked Road

1)Forked road the guy next to the entrance to the Observatory get penicillin

Now that the Observatory is unlocked, head there and check the SWAT guy taking
a permanent rest on the bench. 

1)Body Armor aka Tactical Vest on the body of the SWAT on the bench

Equip it and move on. Don't forget to re-equip your attachments. They give
you items to use in battle You'll need it. You got 7...thats quite a number. 
Head to the Promenade and before letting curiosity get the better of you...

1)Head further down the Promenade to check the body to get the MP5A5 with 
  torchlight attached

Next Enter the Sanctuary and meet a masked man, No.9(Psycho Mantis??) 
and Rupert. Get the skull key on the floor and head to the left to the 
Roof Garden. Witness the event then get the card which was left by checking
the locked door twice.

1)Black card is given to you by checking the locked door twice in Roof Garden

You may want to head back to the security room to use the skull key 
and drain the fountain. And since you are in the area...refill ammo. Also 
enemies are here and about and thanks to your map, you can choose the best 
route so that you don't meet any enemies. This may be bad because enemies give
you EXP and BP and if you lack gonna have a hard time later on in 
the game. Its your choice.

1)Check drained fountain for a Grenade Pistol. Powerful Stuff

<> (password)

Continue your way to the bridge. DO NOT enter the water or you will get 
poisoned. Instead check the red light beside it and enter the 3 digit password
to raise the bridge (561). 

Move on to the Heliport. Remember to save first. Once in the Heliport, 
move all the way to the back to the elevator shaft. Notice the generators on 
the way there. Once you reach the shaft, you will notice it to be empty. 
Head back to the start of the Heliport...

My Weapon of choice: Grenade Pistol

Start by running backwards away from him while shooting wild shots at him with
the Grenade Pistol (well maybe not too wild). Whenever you reach a generator, 
wait for No.9 to be beside it before you shoot the generator (with a MP5A5 or 
M93R) for some BIG damage. Don't forget about the gas pipes at the last area 
near the elevator shaft. 

@@TIP@@Always be on the lookout for backgrounds you can shoot.

@@TIP@@Blow away all your weapons do not be least for this fight.
       Because like your weapons are 'borrowed' **Major Hint**

No.9 has 4 types of attack
1)He slices at you
2)He dashes before slicing at you
3)He throws a smoke bomb at you (only happens if you are far away from him)
  (the bomb travels in an arc)(this paralyses you)
4)He lights his sword? This means he is about to do a jumping slash. RUN!!
!!!END BOSS!!!

Once he is defeated move on to the roof.


September 5 2000 1.44am
M.I.S.T Center, Los Angeles

After talking to the chief you will start here. I gotta ask... all my items I 
got in Akropolis are in the trunk of my car. What about my weapons? WHERE ARE 
THEY? Probably returned to the SWAT Grenade Pistol. Argh...
Well at least I got new armor. Check the trunk of the car to find 3 '?' items
1 is a Protein Drink, another is a Ringer's Solution and lastly a Belt Pouch.
Talk to Pierce 3 times to activate the next mission. But try to stop by Jodie's
for a while. Spend those well earned Bounty Points (hehe). Also you may want
to re-do the training with the awesome M4A1...hehe...I am a cheater...

-Weapon              BP
--PA3                1000
--M4A1               2450
-Ammo                BP
--Shotgun             60 per 10
--5.56               100 per 80
--Batteries/Fuel       FREE
-Armor               BP
--Turtle Vest        1680
--Combat Armour      3250
-Items               BP
--Recovery1          100
--MP Boost1          320
--Penicillin          80
--Stim                80
--Combat Light        60
--Pepper Spray       100


September 5 2000 12.13pm
Mojave Desert, Nevada

You start out at the gas station in the desert. Notice that your car is here
meaning that this acts as your supply box to store unwanted items. As you can
only hold 20 items (inclusive of attachments) I suggest putting everything you
do not need in there also your supply box and a save point is nearby.

1)Supply Box of 9mm P.B. ammo beside your car (infinite)

Head on to the Main Street. There you will find the entrance to 4 rooms of
which 2 are locked. Explore Room 1 %%% and Room 2.

1)Penicillin from checking shelf in Room 2 TWICE
2)Recovery1 from checking sink in the toilet of Room 2 TWICE

Notice a small gated opening next to the Ice Dispenser beside Room 4? Yeah 
enter there to get into the Driveway. 

1)Recovery1 from checking fence in Driveway TWICE

Check the well a few times if you wish to earn BP and EXP...not for free though
Enter the door in the Driveway to enter the Factory. Notice the Control Panel
opposite the door you entered and a locked shutter next to the drawing table 
beside the door you entered. There is also a car in the next room. Being 
blocked by the car is a large shutter to the garage. Ok that's our destination.
Here is how to get there. 

First head to the switchbox beside the front of the car. Switch it on to
operate the Control Panel. At the Control Panel move the car up then turn it.
Once this is done, move to the back of the locked shutter and unlock
you have two different entrances to the room with the car. So now head back to
the Control Panel, turn the car and head through the now un-locked shutter to
enter the Big shutter. Oh yeah press the switch next to it to open it.

After a chat with Douglas, he will give you the key to Motel Room No. 6. 

1)Motel Key No.6 from Douglas the first time you meet him

So lets head there. To go there you have to return to Main Street and head into
the large gate to enter Parking. Head into the a green door in parking to enter
washroom (for males i assume). Notice the graffiti written in blood on the wall

Here is what it says:
"Solve.. my riddle ....fore you go"
"How ..any phones in Dr....ield's streets?" 
"Then proceed, g.. ..own below"
"To sunless mol..hills red blood sleeps"

This message translates into "How many phones are there in Dryfield then go
underground to where red blood (red wine) is" (major hint)
(man this guy has alot of blood to write such a long message)

1)Buckshot Shotgun Gauge from Dumpster in parking

So from the parking there is a staircase to move up to the balcony. Use the key
on Room 6 to enter it. Here you will find a small wardrobe to store items
and a phone as well as the entrance to the Water Tower by using the ladder at
the balcony in Room 6.

1)2 x Stims in the Motel Room No.6 Wardrobe beside the closet
2)50 x 9mm P.B. bullets in the Motel Room No.6 Wardrobe beside the closet

Head on to the Water Tower.

-------8 Horse NMCs-------
My Weapon of choice: PA3 (Shotgun)

You start out facing 2 of these NMCs. Finish them off and head on the bath they
were blocking to a switchbox. Notice you are still in battle mode. Switch on 
the Switchbox and run towards the open gate. The gate is timed and will close 
so you gotta hurry. Run past the 2 NMCs you meet. Beware of the one right
infront of the gate. He will charge the moment you enter the 'screen'. My
advice? Run towards the wall of the ladder while entering the screen. The ANMC
will run right through you. Once you enter the gate, it closes...but it is not
over. Remember the hole? Well Horse NMCs will enter through the hole 2 at a
time to attack. Altogether you have to defeat 8 NMCs inclusive of the ones you 
defeated before this point of time since you the time entered the Water Tower 
area. Since they are very vulnerable while squeezing through the hole, I advise
you blast them there and then with a high powered weapon (hehe....PA3).

@@TIP@@When the horses start to scratch the floor with their hooves be prepared
to run as they will be charging head on at you very soon for some very high

@@TIP@@Don't forget to use magic....umm..PE since u will get 32 points of MP
refilled after this battle. Also learn Healing if you must.
!!!END BOSS!!!

After the battle a ladder will drop and you will meet Rupert Broderick. After
the events don't forget to head up a ladder to the top of the Water Tower for

1)Key Taken from Corpse above Water Tower (duh!!)
2)Recovery1 from corpse above Water Tower

To re-open the gate permanently, you have to switch on the switchbox near where
you and Rupert were interacting. You may notice that your current destination
is very close to the Water Tower but take a moment to use the Key Taken from 
Corpse to open the door to the Saloon in the Water Tower area (the door you
couldn't open before). You will enter the Saloon and have access to the Bar.

1)Magnet from fridge in Salon
2)Recovery1 in locker in Salon

In the Bar, you will find 2 items. You can also unlock the main entrance to the

1)Map of DryField from washroom in Bar
2)Cola in fridge next to the main entrance of the Bar

You may want to re-enter the Water Tower to head to the red dot. But in order 
to kill all the enemies in the area...I suggest you make a detour.
Bar-Parking-Main Street-Balcony and then back to the Water Tower.

At the small path beside the Water Tower, you will find the entrance to the 
Factory as well as an intercom. Buzz Douglas to let him tell you of the key in
the grate beside you. Now you see the key but you have a problem. It is blocked
by a grate. So use your Bottlecap Magnet and use it to 'grab' the handle of the
key and move it out all the way to the small opening on the top-right of the
grate. You may wonder...why go through all this trouble to get to a place where
you have entered before? Because the door you use the last time was 
mysteriously locked...there!!

1)Factory key by using magnet on grate beside intercom

Use the Factory Key to enter the garage and then go into the Junkyard. You may
notice a suspiciously looking rope beside the entrance but leave it for now and
follow the dog to the Trailer where you meet Douglas. After a short chat he
offers to sell you items.

-Weapon              BP 
--PO8                 680
--PA3                1000
--M4A1 Rifle         2450
--Rifle Clip Holder  1800 (can buy 2)
--M9                  980
--Grenade Pistol     1680
-Ammo                BP
--9mm P.B.             30 per 50
--Buckshot             60 per 10
--5.56 Rifle          100 per 80
--Grenade             280 per 4
--Riot                 80 per 4
--Batteries/Fuel       FREE
-Armor               BP
--Shoulder Holster   2580
--PASGT Vest         2980
-Items               BP
--Recovery1           100
--MPBoost1            320
--Penicillin           80
--Stim                 80
--Combat Light         60
--Pepper Spray        100

@@TIP@@You may only add 1 type of attachment to the M4A1 so choose well. 
       If you try to attach another, they will just return you back the old

After buying your fill choose the second option for him to tell you about the
shelter and get a new quest. Follow Flint to the rope you saw earlier and grab
it. Then follow Flint's trail to the well. DON'T FORGET TO UNLOCK THE BACK DOOR
TO THE Factory.

1)Rope from beside entrance to Junkyard

You may want to clear all enemies first

Use the Wire Rope on the well to make an entrance for yourself. Enter the Water
Hole. Before you enter the Underpass I suggest you do some preparation.

This section is new but important as this BOSS maybe tough if you are not 
prepared. Equip a good gun. Say maybe an M4A1. Also attach to your armour at 
least 2 Combat Lights. They can be bought from Douglas if you do not have any.

-------Giant Spider ANMC-------
My Weapon of choice: M4A1 Bayonet

This boss can be tough if you are not prepared but easy if you know how. As you
can see in the demo of this game, all you need is a flash of light to make it
visible. Simple if you have the MP5A5 but unfortunately you do not have any so
you have to make do with Combat Lights.

It has a few attacks
1)He slashes at you then appears
2)He drops on the ground and rushes at you
3)He grabs you and slams you on the ceiling (confuses you)

All you have to do is the moment you see its silhouette. Use a Combat Light. It
will appear where you can shoot it and then it will fall to the floor. I like
to use the Bayonet here as i have a chance of inflicting critical hits which
can make this battle easier. You have a window of at least 2 slashes before it
disappears and jumps back to the ceiling. Use another Combat Light again and
repeat the process. It would die now but if it hasn't it will be close to death

@@@TIP@@@Using a Flare not only has the same effect as a Combat Light but it
         also hurts this BOSS (About 60 damage)

!!!END BOSS!!!

Once you are done switch on the switch closest to where you came in from to 
turn on the lights in the Water Hole. Enter the Water Hole again to get an item

1)Protein Capsule from Hole in the wall in Water Hole

Now enter the cellar. 

@@TIP@@you can switch on the lights in the cellar by turning on the switch
       near the exit of the Underpass to the General Store

In the cellar there are two things to see. First is with the lights on, head
into the passageway between the barrels and search the box.

1)Flare from wooden crate surrounded by barrels in Cellar

Next is an important event. First switch the lights off. Then go back to the
same area where you got the flare and you should notice a note on a barrel.
It reads:

"Now ..olve m.. ..iddle two"
"How m..any ..urinals in D..yfi..ld's loo?"  4
"Once ..ou kn..w, to ..he n..ext place,
"A hau..ted where on..y the sun dar..s show it.. face."

This translates to "How many urinals are there in the loo in Parking. Then go
to a house where you hear screaming and an area where the sun rays fall upon"
(That is my translation of it anyway)

Once you got that noted down, head up the ladder in the Underpass to enter the
General Store. There are 2 items waiting to be picked.

1)Cola from fridge in General Store
2)Recovery3 from another fridge in General Store

Head out the door near the fridge to a narrow alley. At the end you will hear
screaming and a locked door.

1)Shotgun Bullets (FireFly) from barrels beside door with screams (Check TWICE)
2)Belt Pouch at cash register (Check TWICE) in first room after general store

Head into the middle room and search the side of the dresser TWICE to get a
hint of finding a wrench.

Now head back to Douglas' trailer and choose "...I need information" option 
when talking to him. He will give you permission to use his tools. At the
garage you can find his tool shelf beside the large shutter that cannot be
opened. Here you will find...

1)Monkey Wrench from tool shelf in Garage

Back at the middle room in the narrow alleyway beside the General Store, use
the wrench on the bolts to uncover a hidden passage. Enter there and before you
enter the next room notice sun shining bright on a window. There is a message

"Solve.. my riddle ....fore you go"
"H.... ..any bar..els in the mol..-dens' cent..r row?"  8
"Onc.. ..ou know, go to t.... ro..m,"
"W..ere at 21 y..ars a boy met hi.. doom"
"....ere YOU CAN see yo....self...."

Translates to "How many barrels are there in the cellar stacked in the center 
of the room. Head to the room where a boy is said to have died at 21 years old
and look into the mirror" (paintings *hint *hint)

Once you enter the next room meet an old acquaintance.

-------No. 9-------
My Weapon of choice: M4A1 Bayonet

An easy boss. The area you fight him is very large and as such you have alot of
room to run around...unlike the last time. No. 9 does not dash but he does 
have a long reach so try to keep him on the opposing side of the room. Also
once he attacks, he will not for some time giving a window of 2 Bayonet slashes

He has 2 attacks
1)he stabs at you
2)he slashes at you with a ball of energy at the tip of his sword.
!!!END BOSS!!!


September 5 2000 Night...
Mojave Desert, Nevada

You start out on a dark, cold night with a full moon and restored HP and MP. 
Well okay enough of crap. First you will notice Kyle Madigan is following you
around. Do not look at him being a guy and all but he has the worst survival
skills ever. He runs straight for the enemy, saves bullet like its gonna be his
rations for tomorrow and gets injured as easily as a nerd on a battlefield. If
you get my point he is a chore to be with. However you have to protect him at
all costs as if he will see the Game Over screen. Thank goodness you
only need to fight a maximum of 4 battles with him.

Kyle will stop you from entering the Underpass so the only way out is to the 
Gas Station. There you will fight a mini boss of sorts.

------Gremlin ANMC-------
My Weapon of choice: M4A1

These gremlins attack in twos. Although you have Kyle as backup...its as good
as having none. These gremlins jump out from behind your car and starts jumping
towards you. So stand away from the car and blast any gremlin that comes near.
They do quite alot of damage if they manage to jump on you. You have to kill 12
in all. Kyle leaves your party after this fight.

@@TIP@@Take note these gremlins appear frequently in the coming fights and
       even attack in fives. So better get used to fighting them.
!!!END BOSS!!!

Once you've cleaned up, head back to the Trailer to find Doug and ask him about
a car. He will then give you a...

1)Lobby Key from Douglas

This key will be used to unlock the blue doors opposite the toilet in Parking.
So head there and find a puzzle awaiting. This was the place where i stopped
playing the Japanese version of the game cos i got stuck and refused to refer
to an FAQ (irony isn't it). But it aint that hard.

Anyway on the notice boards you'll notice a memo that says:

"When death came to the Tombstone,"
"(#)Holiday was 30 and Earp was..."
"Not bad for gunmen of the Old West"
"The secret to long life: good friends and good luck"

And then a note beside it saying:

"Problems with the cash register?"
"Don't forget!"
"Press # before entering the 4-digit code, and press TOTAL when you're done!"
"Can't remember the number? Check the 'still', and you will!"

 CASH REGISTER SOLUTION_______________________________________________________
|                                                                             |
| I guess all you people could have guessed that you need to enter in '#' then|
| '30' then Earp's age and lastly 'TOTAL'. How in the world would I know      |
| Earp's age if I don't follow The Wild, Wild West. The answer lies in the    |
| paintings here they are:                                                    |
|                                                                             |
| Room 1: Doc Holliday 1851-1887                                              |
| Room 2: Wyatt Earp 1848-1929                                                |
| Room 3: Kit Carson 1809 - 1868 (you can't access this yet)                  |
| Room 4: Billy the Kid 1959-1881 (you can't access this yet)                 |
| Room 5: Calamity Jane 1852-1903 (you can't access this yet)                 |
| Room 6: Annie Oakley 1860-1926                                              |
| First room after General Store: Sitting Bull 1831-1890                      |
| Lobby: Tombstone 1881                                                       |
|                                                                             |
| So anyway as you can see tombstone was at 1881, where Doc was 30 so Earp    |
| was..1881-1848 = 33                                                         |
| Anyways enter this into the cash register (#3033). you'll receive..         |

1)Bronco Masterkey from cash register in Lobby

With this key you can now open all doors in the Motel Bronco. 

So head on to Room 4 (why Room 4? Cos it has a painting of a boy who died at 21
, see above) and check the mirror and read this:

"S......e my r....dle, if yo.. ..are,"
"Organs of sens.. bristly ha..r,"
"..een with how ..any plates in the ..ronco's lair?" 4
"..nce you know, go fr..m there..."
"To a jet-..lack do..r 'neath the ..oon's cold g..are."

This translates to ... i don't know...I read it as...senses under bristly hair
...umm eyebrows that makes eyesight...and then silver plates reflect...
so like eyesight + reflect = mirrors? Anyway the second part asks you to find
a black door beside a window to answer this riddle.
(Anyone has a true translation of this pls email me at

So next grab some items

1)MP Boost2 from checking dresser in Room 3 TWICE
2)Belt Pouch from checking dresser beside toilet door in Room 5 TWICE

Lastly head to the Loft and find a black looking door beside a window...A-HA!!

Its a safe with a 4 digit combination. If you have been following closely 
you'll notice 4 riddles altogether. So here is the solution.

 SAFE SOLUTION____________________________________________________
|                                                                 |
| First Digit: How many phones in Dryfield          : 4 (see map) |
| Second Digit: How many urinals in loo             : 4           |
| Third Digit: How many barrels in center of cellar : 8           |
| Last Digit: How many mirrors in Motel Bronco      : 7           |
|                                                                 |
| That makes it (4,4,8,7)                                         |

Open the safe to get an item.

At the loft also grab the gas can located nearby the safe.

1)Holy Water from Safe in Loft (OPTIONAL)
2)Jerry Can from beside safe in Loft

As all of you should have guesses by now...head to the Gas Station. Use the 
Jerry Can on the gas pumps.

1)Petrol by filling Jerry Can with petrol from gas station

Once you have Petrol, give it to Douglas who will tell you to rest and use the
truck as storage space if you wish. 

----------------------------{{GOOD ENDING PT}}---------------------------------

i)But for some quick humor head to the Bar to meet Kyle (loafer!!)

--------------------------{{END GOOD ENDING PT}}-------------------------------

Go ahead to Motel Room No. 6 and save before taking a nap. Why? Cos...umm...
you may want to repeat the next scene a few times over...for various reasons.

-------Giant Flamethrower ANMC-------
My Weapon of choice: PA3

One thing to note is that your health is fully restored. This guy is huge...
however that makes an easy target.

It has 4 attacks waiting to bite you:
1)It blows flame and start moving in a half circle motion.
2)It smashes the floor
3)It sweeps at you with a swing of its arms
4)It grabs you and tortures you

When it starts having a flame lit up on his flamethrower, this means that he is
going to blow out some massive flame just start running down the
passage in whichever direction that has more space. If it starts to recoil it its gonna swing it hurts so just run in the 
opposite direction of its recoil. Also shoot him at any given free time. The
key to this boss is memorising various moves he has to indicate which attack is
up next.

Also you may think that it is a good idea to hide out in the narrow passage
beside the staircase. This can be the ANMC's only attack will be the
flame thrower. The flame thrower's reach is long enough but some times it may
miss you making this place ideal damage free area. However there is no fun (or
guarantee) in this so i just use this area as a stopover.

This seems to be a timed battle of sorts. If you take too long to 'kill' the
boss, he will run away and Flint will die. If you see the animation of the ANMC
holding its bloodied face...means you've done it. Flint is alive.

!!!END BOSS!!!

After the boss fight...head down to the Main Street. Take note enemies are
crawling again. Also the gate from Driveway to Main Street is blocked. There 
you will find Douglas and Flint (dead or alive) and Douglas will give you a 
Truck Key.

1)Truck Key from Douglas after fight with BOSS

Next head to the garage and meet Kyle there. Before that...head to Douglas'
Trailer and open the metal box for

1)M950 from metal box Douglas' Trailer after BOSS fight (If Flint is alive)

However this metal box is inaccessible if Flint dies so you'll have to make do

1)Chicken Plate by checking green car outside Trailer THRICE (If Flint dies)

Once you've settled to Kyle and get a move on it.

----------------------------{{GOOD ENDING PT}}---------------------------------

ii)Flint has to live!!!

--------------------------{{END GOOD ENDING PT}}-------------------------------

------------------------END OF DISC 1------------------------

September 6 2000 12.06am
Mesa on the outskirts of Dryfield, Mojave Desert

When you start out disc 2, you are not healed (damn).  So anyway you'll notice
that Kyle's HP is at 5. After a while you'll get your first battle of disc 2.
Do not worry about Kyle. For this battle he is treated as a wall. Enemies even
get hurt if they ram into him so that's a load off your mind. Also you may
notice you are on a cliff with an opening which leads all the way down. Since
you will be fighting Horse NMCs here, they charge very often and you will get
knocked backwards if you are hit. If you so happen to fall over the cliff when
this happens its Game Over. But since the horses have not much for a brake, 
they can fall too for a 1 hit kill (hehe).

@@TIP@@Enemies (and you) can fall off the cliff if knocked down. 
       You cannot fall down the cliff by walking over though.

@@TIP@@If you so happen to die here, do not worry. You can reload your Disc 1,
       Dryfield at night save game on Disc 2. It seems they have all the info
       of that part of the game on this disc. Even the bathing scene.

--------11 Horse NMCs-------
My Weapon of choice: NA

This time it is 11 Horse NMCs. Well basically you have alot of room to maneuver
thus making it easier to avoid their charges. You can shoot them to death or
you could take the easier/faster way out and lure all of them to fall to their
doom. Just be CAREFUL as you could fall to your doom yourself. If you decide to
take the safer less risky way, you'll have fought this enemy dozens of times so
I won't insult your intellect by giving you strategies on it.

@@TIP@@Do NOT target the enemy if you wish to lure them down the cliff. It
       makes it easier to run around the field if the enemy is not targeted.

!!!END BOSS!!!

Once you are done, head into the Tunnel Entrance and head straight for the
Tunnel ignoring the Forked Tunnel (for now). Once you reach a gorge in Gorge, 
head back to the Forked Tunnel. Release the brakes on the cart to proceed and
grab the ...

1)Oak Board from Forked Tunnel

Use this Oak Board on the gorge in Gorge to make a passage over the bridge. 
From here you can enter the Refuge. In the Refuge you'll find your first save
point as well as a switchboard.

1)Supply Box of 9mm P.B. ammo on a bench in Refuge(infinite)
2)Plug from in the bottom hole on switchboard in Refuge

Use the plug and fill the second hole from the top on the switchbox. Then
switch on the power.

    x     ---- x refers to the plug

The gate outside the refuge will open and you may now enter it.

-------Giant Horse ANMC-------
My Weapon of choice: Grenade Pistol w/ Grenade bullets or M4A1 Bayonet

This guy is fast for someone of that size. You'll notice 4 barrels along the
room. These barrels have 30 HP (each bullet damages it by 2), explodes and
continues burning after it is destroyed. If you might have noticed, this room
is extremely dark and lighting all 4 barrels makes it easier to see. Although
it also serves a separate a weapon. As in your first BOSS fight 
with No.9 you can destroy it while an enemy is next to it for high damage 
(in this sense about 400HP). How ever the radius of the blast is not large and
therefore the enemy needs to be right beside it for it to contact.

It has 3 attacks
1)It dashes and rams you like all the normal Horse NMCs
2)It jumps and starts biting you like a piece of tough meat
3)It jumps from afar and stomps on you from above

For its second attack, it stops a few meters away from you before it jumps. For
both attacks 1) and 2), it seems easier to avoid it if you run toward the outer
wall once it approaches you. It seems it has a chance of missing you this way.
For its third attack, you will high a 'neighing' sound a split second before it
LANDS. The only reliable way to avoid this move is to anticipate its move and
run BEFORE it neighs.

After each attack, the ANMC is susceptible to 1 or 2 hits before it runs off.
At this point of time, I would recommend a slash-shoot combo in that order if
you are using the M4A1 Bayonet. It damages quite a bit if you get a critical
hit. Also a way to make sure that you get a hit with the barrel exploding,
shoot the barrel till it is down to 2HP left. Then run around the barrel when
the ANMC is offscreen. 70% of the time it will execute its no. 3) attack. When
you hear a neigh, run in one direction continuously and once it lands, shoot
the last bullet at the barrel. One drawback of this method is that the ANMC is
very close to the barrel and may 'absorb' the bullet meant for the barrel

It will faint after 2 barrel explosions or HP damage of that equivalent.

!!!END BOSS!!!

Once it is killed, you will receive...

1)P229 from fainted BOSS
2)Jumper Plug from fainted BOSS (how did he keep it? I wonder?)

Immediately after that the BOSS reawakens

-------Giant Horse ANMC (Second Impact)-------
My Weapon of choice: Grenade Pistol w/ Grenade bullets or M4A1 Bayonet

This BOSS has no difference from the one you just fought...maybe only a higher
HP count. Therefore use the exact same strategies.

!!!END BOSS!!!

Once it is melted into the ground, head back to the Refuge and it is time to
use both Jumpers together. One at the top hole and another at the bottom hole.
Then switch on the main.

 x      ---- x refers to the plug
  x     ---- x refers to the plug

Now Gate 2(the one in Cavern) will be unlocked. Head to the Cavern. Interact
with the bike 3 times and switch on the switch. Then you can enter the wall
with light emitting out of it.

B1 Shelter

-------Spider ANMC-------
My Weapon of choice: P229 /w 9mm Hydra Bullets

This ANMC is alot like the one you fought in the Underpass in Dryfield. But
this time you have the P229 (hehe).

It has 2 attacks
1)it slashes at you and poisons you
2)It jumps on you and drains your energy (PARALYSIS) (high damage)

It is very simple to beat him. The moment you see him use the flashlight on the
P229. Then shoot his guts out. The moment he disappears flash again and then 
shoot. Repeat process. I suggest casting Metabolism too to prevent poison. Once
you have poison resistance, just forget about dodging him and blast your way

!!!END BOSS!!!

Next head down the elevator to B1 of Shelter. In the Elevator hall, only 1 door
is accessible which leads to the Storeroom. In the storeroom, you can find...

1)Supply Box of 9mm P.B. ammo on a table in Storeroom(infinite)
2)Ringer's Solution from medical shelf in Storeroom

Move on to the door nearest to the supply box. Here you will meet those jelly 
creatures. They are immune to bullets so at this point of time you would 
probably have to use PE or the Bayonet to finish it off.  

Move past the Sleeping Quarters to reach a crossroad. 


With reference to the map, unlock the south door and head into the south-east
door. This will lead you to the Armory. In here you can find a shop which is 
the machine with a brightly lit monitor screen.

-Weapon              BP 
--P229               1880
--PA3                1000
--M4A1 Rifle         2450
--Rifle Clip Holder  1800 (can buy 2)
--M9                  980
--Hammer             3720
--Grenade Pistol     1680
-Ammo                BP
--9mm P.B.             30 per 50
--Buckshot             60 per 10
--5.56 Rifle          100 per 80
--Grenade             280 per 4
--Riot                 80 per 4
--Batteries/Fuel       FREE
-Armor               BP
--Combat Armour      3250
--NBC Suit           3980
--PsySuit            4580
-Items               BP
--Recovery1           100
--Recovery2           180
--MPBoost1            320
--Penicillin           80
--Stim                 80
--Combat Light         60
--Pepper Spray        100
--Flare               150

If you remembered to take the Black Card from the Akropolis Tower, here is the
time to use it. Beside the locked gate, there is a card reader(its shining red)
use the Black Card on it to unlock the gate to the real Armory. Here you can 

1)Supply Box of Buckshot on compartment nearest to the gate in Armory(infinite)
2)Supply Box of 9mm P.B. ammo beside the Buckshot in Armory(infinite)
3)Supply Box of 9mm Hydra ammo beside the 9mmm P.B. in Armory(infinite)
4)SP12 from gun holder at the corner of the Armory past the gate.

Don't forget to unlock the shortcut leading to the Storeroom.

You may want to enter the south-west room to catch a nice view.


Lastly head for the north room. This leads to the Sterilization Room. There you
should interact with the Computer terminal first before entering the left door.
A place where you can find a save point and a box which contains...

1)BuckShot x 20 in box in sterilization room
2)Grenade x 8 in box in sterilization room

Head through the door and use the lift to enter B2.

B2 Shelter

There is not much to explore here. Just head for the Breeding Room and there 
you will find

1)Cola from the cabinet near the entrance of Breeding Room
2)Supply Box of 9mm P.B. ammo beside the Buckshot in Armory(infinite)
3)Stim on can in one of the big cages in Breeding Room

Continue on to the where you will meet the evil Bowman.

Return back to the Sterilization Room. Save! and bring heavy weapons. On your
way out of the Sterilization Room, gas will start emitting from the pipes. 
Talk to the intercom for some mystery if you wish then head to the chute beside
where you came in. Enter it.

@@TIP@@Do not bother waiting in the gas room hoping to have the gas subside
       I clocked in at 21 min 34 secs and still nothing happened!!Stupid me!!

B3 Shelter

At the bottom some freebies await...

1)Supply Box of 9mm P.B. ammo on junk at bottom screen Dumping Hole(infinite)
2)Supply Box of 9mm Hydra ammo on junk at top screen Dumping Hole(infinite)

and then its time for you to be a freebie...

-------Vacuum Sucker ANMC-------
My Weapon of choice: Grenade Pistol w/ Grenade bullets

It has 7 attacks to damage you (WOW!!)
1)It sucks in and you get dragged in (instant kill)
2)It throws out various liquids in the air
3)It stomps and 2 of the laughing NMCs appear
4)He spits out gas in an arc
5)He fires some liquid that makes you  stuck to the ground
6)He swings his tongue at you
7)He spits out an object which flies at you at high speed

This boss can be easy if you know how. First avoid being sucked in at all costs
try not to reload when you are near to the BOSS as if he starts sucking at the
inopportunate moment, you will most certainly be dead. 
If he does attack 2), look towards the ground for the liquids' shadows. 
If it does attack 3), kill the NMCs quickly as if the BOSS eats them, it gains
100 HP.
For attack 4), run away from the left arm of the BOSS
For attack 5), run away from the right arm 
For attack 6) and 7) just run when you see it is starting the attack.

This boss vulnerable point is its inner mouth. Hitting its head does no damage
and hitting its arms does very little damage. Its inner mouth is not accessible
at all times but the best time it is exposed is when it is sucking you in. Once
you have done enough damage, the BOSS will start to move forward until there is
very little area for you to run in. At this point of time, it will be doing 
attacks 2), 4), 5) and 7) very often. However it will not to attack 1) thus its 
mouth is protected. You should now attack its arms and after a while it drops 
to the ground.

!!!END BOSS!!!

Once you have entered through the door to the Incinerator Room, an old friend

-------Vacuum Sucker ANMC (Second Impact)-------
My Weapon of choice: M4A1

This boss is identical as the first except you are in a very large area and can
maneuver alot. There are 2 ways to kill it.

The first way is...
Just after the first corner, you should remain there where the BOSS will stop
before it corners. Here it will start its normal attacks and you can easily
dodge all its attacks as well as repeating the pattern you did the last time 
with ease. Soon it will fall and die.

The second way....
is to run all the way and step on the floor panel to bring up the lift. Now you 
have 2 choices. Either run back the hall to distract the BOSS before the lift
comes or to wait by the lift and give minimal space between you and the boss to 
dodge its attack for a few seconds. Then once the lift arrives, you have to
lure the boss fully onto the lift. This can be done by firing a few shots at it
The lift will now lower slightly. Then hit the other floor panel and hear a 

!!!END BOSS!!!

Once that is done you are given 5 mins to get out of the Incinerator Room. 
5 mins??? Just for 1 room??? This is fishy... 

Head back to the Dumpster Hole and get the Woven Ring(Medicine Wheel) from
the very end of the room. Then it is fighting LOADS of enemies one after 

1)Medicine Wheel from box in Dumpster Hole

Now head to the very end of the hall in Incinerator Room. In case you didn't
know step on the floor panel to raise the lift to get to the other side. There
knock on the door and be a 'Lucky' girl.

There is a save point there and you have a new party member. Moreover he is no
longer the pushover he used to be as he has a very powerful weapon this time. 
The M4A1 Pyke a weapon you haven't seen yet. Well maybe you've seen it in the 
demos. No matter, you won't be exploring for a long time with him. Again make 
sure he does not die.

Head into the sewers of B4.

B4 Shelter

Head on to the end of the sewers and climb the ladder. Nearby on a wall, you
will notice a memo.

"Check for occupants before opening [Flood Gate]."
"Let the rats, roaches, and spiders drown, but first..."
"Count their legs, enter the total, and raise the lever,"

Also close by you will find a control panel which asks you for tens digit then
the ones digit. The values you have to fill in is the answer to the riddle.

 WATER GATE SOLUTION_______________________
|                                          |
| Rats - 4 legs                            |
| Roaches - 6 legs                         |
| Spiders - 8 legs (not the 10 legged kind)|
|                                          |
| 4+6+8=18                                 |
|                                          |
| Therefore the answers are (1,8)          |
|__________________________________________ |

Then as you move along you will notice a locked gate (the Full Moon Gate)
after some steps. 

***NOTE : From this point, parts of the walkthrough will be split up halfway
          to GOOD ENDING PTs and BAD ENDING PTs where there will be headers to
          notify its start and end.

Multiple Areas

----------------------------{{GOOD ENDING PT}}---------------------------------
iii) Anyway you move along an you'll find another memo beside the exit.

"[Full Moon Gate], open only after midnight."
"Enter age of the fullest moon, and raise the lever."

A panel, like the one used to raise the Water Gate, to control this is all the
way on the other side of the pool. 

 FULL MOON GATE SOLUTION______________________________________________________
|                                                                             |
| If you remember, Aya was rambling (after Dryfield turns night) about        |
| something about Maeda telling her about what a full moon means in Japan. And|
| that it happens on the 15th of each month.                                  |
|                                                                             |
| Therefore the answer is (1,5).                                              |

Now you can go through that gate in the sewer that was locked. Back to a 
familiar area.

***There is more to this but I am not doing it yet. Thus the faq from***  
***this pt is based on the bad ending or Kyle's WAY                  ***
--------------------------{{END GOOD ENDING PT}}-------------------------------

----------------------------{{BAD ENDING PT}}----------------------------------
Now head up the lift with Kyle who will drop you off at B2 and give you a card.

1)Yoshida Card given by Kyle in elevator


Although you already have access you may want to kill all enemies in the area
and meet the ANMC Bowman. He can be found in the small alley beside the
Sleeping Quarters.

-------Parasite Energy ANMC Bowman-------
My Weapon of choice: M4A1 Hammer

Not really a BOSS in his own right but since he has a name I guess you could
call him a BOSS. 

He has 2 attacks
1)It charges a yellow ball and fires it for high damage
2)It charges a blue ball and heals itself by 100 HP

This boss is simple as long as you have the Hammer. First to avoid its initial
yellow ball, just run behind it and around it when it turns. It will shoot and 
miss. Then use Hammer at it to make it fall. Shoot it while it is down. When it
gets up Stun it again. Simple. If you do not have the Hammer, just avoid its
yellow balls by running behind it all the time. However there is no stopping 
its blue ball.

!!!END BOSS!!!

Once dead you will receive

1)Bowman's Card from Bowman

You may also want to head back to Dryfield to clear some enemies. See Full Moon
Gate puzzle in GOOD ENDING PT. but be aware you cannot get the GOOD ENDING by
going back at this pt of time. The best thing about Dryfield is that you can 
get new items from Douglas' shop.

-Weapon              BP 
--P08                 680
--MP5A5              6980
--PA3                1000
--AS12              12500
--M4A1 Rifle         2450
--Rifle Clip Holder  1800 (can buy 2)
--M9                  980
--M203               2130
--Pyke               5180
--Grenade Pistol     1680
-Ammo                BP
--9mm P.B.             30 per 50
--9mm Hydra            50 per 50
--Buckshot             60 per 10
--Firefly              90 per 10
--5.56 Rifle          100 per 80
--Grenade             280 per 4
--Riot                 80 per 4
--Batteries/Fuel       FREE
-Armor               BP
--Shoulder Holster   2580
--PASGT Vest         2980
--EOD Suit           4580
-Items               BP
--Recovery1           100
--MPBoost1            320
--Penicillin           80
--Stim                 80
--Combat Light         60
--Pepper Spray        100


Head into the Operating Room by the door beside the Breeding Room. Or if you 
have the Bowman card, By the B2 Elevator Hall
--------------------------{{END BAD ENDING PT}}--------------------------------

Here on is the part where you have to do despite getting the bad or good 
ending. You should be in the Operating Theatre by now. 

1)Ringer's Solution from shelf near operating table in Operating Theatre
2)Eau De Toilette in Lab Coat in Operating Theatre

So head into the door that will lead you to the laboratory, the side of the 
corridor with the sinks. Here you will find a Save point and a Box. Also
a important notice on the white board which will give your next destination. 
Also note the working notebook. So as with the note, head for the Sleeping 
Quarters on B1.

1)Computer Magazine(Aeris Sept Issue) on Yoshida's bed in Sleeping quarters 

This magazine will tell you all about the 'FateKeeper' virus. A virus that is
powerful yet useless.

Head back to the notebook terminal in the Laboratory and get ready to hack in.
Just follow the instructions on the magazine.

 NOTEBOOK PASSWORD SOLUTION_________________________________________________
|                                                                           |
| As with what the magazine says, the original password is displayed on the |
| screen. In this sense it is the background wallpaper spelling:            |
| MELISSAMAYA                                                               |
| so arranging it alphabetically we will get...                              |
| AAAEILMMSSY                                                               |
| encode it in the 'Fatekeeper' virus encoding to get:                      |
| A3EILM2S2Y ---- the final password                                        |
|                                                                           |
| Enter it in and you are granted access                                    |

@@TIP@@Once you enter the correct password once, everytime you access this
       terminal, Aya will automatically fill it in

So now that you are in, you find your access limited to the 'E' level. Out of
the 4 choices,
B)Main Files
C)Bulletin board
D)Visitor Program

only D) and E) can be chosen. Since you do not want to logout, choose D) and be
bombarded by 3 random questions out of the questions I have compiled below...

1)Which Agency supervises MIST?
C) CIA                               Ans: B

2)What do mitochondria produce by combining glucose, lipids, and oxygen?
C) NAD                               Ans: A

3)Which neo-Mitochondritis victim caused the N.Y. Blockade incident?
A) Melissa Pearce
B) Mary Pearce
C) Melanie Pearce                    Ans: A

4)Which organism possess mitochondria?
A) Bacteria
B) Crustaceans
C) Cyanobacteria (algae)             Ans: B

5)Who was declared responsible for the Manhattan incident?
A) G. Robert
B) K. Maeda
C) H. Klaup                          Ans: C

6)Name the town located behind the Nevada Laboratory.
A) Drytown
B) Dry Valley
C) Dryfield                          Ans: C

7)What is the name of the desert above this facility?
A) The Gobi Desert
B) The Mojave Desert
C) The Arizona Desert                Ans: B

8)Which of these organelles contains genetic information (DNA)?
A) Golgi bodies
B) Mitochondria
C) Endoplasmic reticula              Ans: B

9)What name is given to the theory that humankind's origin lay in one ancestral
species in Africa?
A) Mitochondria Adam
B) Mitochondria Eve
C) Mitochondria First                Ans: B

10)Which method alters genes by delivering DNA via an artificial virus?
A) Carrier
B) Vector
C) Track                             Ans: B

11)Gene transmission in mitochondria is?
A) Maternal
B) Paternal
C) Atavistic                         Ans: A

These are all the questions i found...11 of them..a weird number...there may be 
more so for those you got them, please mail them to me at

Once you answered all correct, you are given a whole lot of information. Then 
the phone rings and Kyle will be on the line. He gives you the map of the 
Shelter and your next destination. Head there on to the Pod Service Gantry near
the Sterilization Room. 

Go through story bits then you'll find Kyle in your party again or more likely
you in Kyle's Party. Head to the back of the Pod Service Gantry and you can do
a few things. First interact with the lots of monitors on the wall. Then using
the interface, switch on the lift in B2 (Cam C). Unlock the door on B1 (Cam A)
and lastly disable the security cameras (Cam E). Next you may want to view the
map on a terminal to the right of the security monitors.

Bring Kyle out and view his awesome new weapon. He'll probably clear all the
enemies you'll meet from now on. There is only 1 way to go. Take the lift to B2
and from B2's crossroads, take the once-inoperable lift to the Observatory.

Neo Ark, Shelter

@@TIP@@This area is full of dangerous enemies. I recommend using the Shotgun
       (SP12 or AS12 NOT PA3) as it has infinite bullets (bullets can be 
       refilled in the armory). Also use the PE Plasma to support it.

A weird, green area...Not a very good sign. So since the door to the north is
locked, head to the south towards the Savanna and you will enter the Shrine. 
At the T-Junction in the Shrine take a right turn and head towards the exit.
Near the exit you will find a tablet that will show you some arrangements
of some pictures. This is it with what I could make out of the pictures

Red    - Person Leg   Crystal       Square dot
Yellow - Fish   Eye   X             Crown  dot
Blue   - Leaf   Knife Front of boat Egg    dot

Then go back to the T-junction and take the turn you did not take the last
time. Here you can check the statues to be given this notice:

[Place of Offerings]
[All who seek the aid of the three Sun Gods, these are your colours]
"Red - Amun - Avatar of the Sun. Leading all on the true path."
"Blue - Harakhti - Windjammer of the sky. Guide to sacred waters."
"Yellow - Khepera - Scarab Avatar. The greatest sacrifice is the self."

At the end of the room you will see an altar of sorts which has coloured stones
on them. The pictures of the stones should look familiar...also note the lines
on the outer perimeter of the stones.

 MOVING STONES SOLUTION_______________________________________________________
|                                                                             |
| To match the blocks you have to shift all the blocks using the single       |
| 'unblocked' tile. This takes patience and a bit of luck as well as skill.   |
|                                                                             |
| @@TIP@@If a block reaches its desired position do not hesitate to move it   |
|        away so that another block may reach theirs                          |
|                                                                             |
| The coloured lines at the bottom have to match up with the stones in a      |
| single line. Also the dot at the bottom-right square has to be exposed.     |
|                                                                             |
| (((OPTIONAL)))                                                              |
| If you wish to fight a new breed of monsters enter the yellow section first |
|                                                                             |
| Yellow from top-left to bottom-left (Fish, Eye, X, Crown )... expose the dot|
| and a gate will lock you in. Load the Shotgun.                              |
| (((END OPTIONAL)))                                                          |
|                                                                             |
| Now you may want to do the blue ones.                                       |
|                                                                             |
| Blue from top-left to top-right (Leaf, Knife, Front of boat, Egg) expose the|
| dot and a chest will be drawn out from the wall on the right side of the    |
| T-junction.                                                                 |
|                                                                             |
| -=[ITEM]=-                                                                  |
| 1)MPBoost2 from chest at coloured block puzzle at Shrine                    |
|                                                                             |
| Lastly do the red.                                                          |
| Red from bottom-left to top-right (Person, Leg, Crystal, Square) expose the |
| dot and the door to the exit of the Shrine will be unlocked.                |
|                                                                             |

You will now be in the Power Plant. You will notice a large ANMC which is
actually a generator.

-------Generator ANMC-------
My Weapon of choice: P229 w/ Hydra bullets

Actually this is not a BOSS fight but it feels like it so its in a BOSS section
First of all destroy all the surroundings. There will be:

4 circuit boards
2 cameras

By now if you have shot the boss, you would have noticed that you are doing 
very little damage and that it is regenerating all the damage you are dishing 
out. The way to stop this is by destroying the computer terminal to the left
of the BOSS. Once this is done just blow away at the BOSS.

Also if you haven't noticed, this BOSS does not attack you at all.

!!!END BOSS!!!

Head back to the Observatory where you will notice that the north door leading
to the Forest Zone is now unlocked but before heading there...

You may want to head back to the Shelter Basement areas to refill ammo as well
as to clear all the enemies there and enter a new area...the Underground 
Parking. search the control panel beside the garage shutter to get...

1)Car Key from control panel to the right of garage shutter

Once in the Forest Zone, enter the Woodland Path. Here beware of the
truly random enemies. Move on to the Pyramid where at the right side at the
bottom of the staircase engraves,

[Temple of Tlaloc]
"To call upon Lord Tlaloc for rain, dance the steps of Tlaloc's dance."
"The maize steps. Red, White, Yellow, Blue."
"To open the gate to the altar of strength, start with red."
"To revere Tlaloc in his glory, begin with blue."
"Keep the sacred observances, let your heart guide your steps."

At the top of the Pyramid you will find 4 colored blocks. Leave it for now.
Near the entrance of the Pyramid, you will notice a small stone tablet. Turn
the tablet 4 times and note the design. It is a clock and by decoding the
symbols you can get what each symbol represents.

 CLOCK SOLUTION_________________
|                               |
| Here's what each represents:  |
| A '|' represents 5            |
| A '.' represents 1            |
|                               |
| Therefore an example would be |
| ||: is actually 12.           |

Back at the Forest Zone, head through the Submarine Tunnel to the Pavilion.

There you will notice some coloured tablets to the left of the screen from
where you entered.
It shows: (I got the numbers with the solution of the clock puzzle)

Blue   6
White  2
red    3
yellow 5

You know what to do. Head back to the Pyramid.

 ISLAND PUZZLE SOLUTION___________________________________________________
|                                                                         |
| Just step on the block as many times as the clue above gave you.        |
| This means step on the blue block 6 times, then the white block 2 times,|
| red block 3 times and yellow block 5 times.                             |

Tlaloc will appear fully with a switch in his throat. Lower it to gain access
to the Island. At the island you will find an opening. Now it is time to do

-------Giant Fattie ANMC + 5 Fatties-------
My Weapon of choice: AS12 w/ Firefly shells

Fatties are actually the water based creatures you have been fighting too many
times (We found out their names in the Submarine Tunnel). It is a circular 
arena so it makes it easy to avoid their electric projectiles. Fight the
Fatties 2 by 2 till you kill 5. Now the Giant Fattie will appear.

It seems it only has 1 attack:
1)An electric wave, much like what a flamethrower shoots except it is electric

This attack is easy to dodge. It indicates its attack by charging up
electricity. Just run in one direction till he stops breathing it. Overall you
could hit him with 2 shotgun blasts the minute he sticks his head out of the
water. Now run clockwise around the arena. He will fire attack until
approximately when you have ran half a circle. Now you can shoot him with
another 1-2 shots. Repeat this pattern and you will have a flawless victory.
Just watch out for reload time.

!!!END BOSS!!!

Search the pool of blood to receive

1)Crystal from pool of blood of Giant Fattie's remains

Return back to the Pyramid and switch lanes back to its original placing.

At the Garden, you'll notice another stone tablet outside the entrance to the
Power Plant. It writes: 

10 blue yellow  2
 5 blue yellow 11
 3 blue yellow  8
 1 red  white   9
 7 red  white   6
12 red  white   4

Do not overlook the map on the right side of the Garden. Again back to the
Pyramid. Now do what you have to do.

LOCKED POWER PLANT DOOR SOLUTION_____________________________________________
|                                                                            |
| With the clue above, it can be re-arranged by arranging it in order of the |
| numbers:                                                                   |
|      red,yellow,blue,white,blue,white,red,yellow,white,blue,yellow,red     |
| or   R,Y,B,W,B,W,R,Y,W,B,Y,R                                               |
|                                                                            |
| Just step on the colored pads in this order to unlock the door.            |

Head back to the now unlocked Power Plant entrance from the Garden. At the back
of the staircase there is a

1)Supply Box of 9mm Hydra ammo behind the staircase in a wooden box(infinite)

Now head upstairs.

-------Second Generator ANMC-------
My Weapon of choice: P229 w/ Hydra bullets

This is the exact same as the first generator.
Destroy the 4 cameras, 2 circuits and 1 terminal before slicing the BOSS.

Also if you haven't noticed, this BOSS does not attack you at all too!!

!!!END BOSS!!!

OK!! Head back into the shelter and down the other lift in B2. Oh yeah don't
forget to refill ammunition and save.

B6, Shelter

-------Giant Parasite Energy ANMC-------
My Weapon of choice: M4A1 Grenade w/ Grenades

This BOSS has a forcefield (supplied by Eve) which reduces damage received by
half and a whole lot of HP.

It has 6 attacks to let you stare in amazement
1)It fires 4 balls of fire at you after charging/creating them
2)It charges and uses a large wave of fire (Undodgeable)
3)It uses its forcefield to throw you backwards onto the floor
4)Fires a homing purple laser
5)Fires 2 intertwining lasers (Causes CONFUSION)
6)Fires 3 lasers on a fixed path (Causes BLINDNESS)

Attack 1) can be avoided easily by running to your either sides when he starts
firing them. The 2) is as I said undodgeable. 3) is only activated when you
touch the BOSS. Thus can be avoided by not touching the BOSS at all. 
4) can be avoided by staying at 1 side of the room and running to the other
when the laser comes nearer to you. If there is not enough space, you can also
run forward under the lasers
5) and 6) can be avoided standing on either of the parallel white lines on the
floor of the room. Stand such that 1 leg is in the line and the other is out
of the line towards the wall. This would mean you are standing on the outer
side of the lines. Also make sure the base of the shadow is touching the base
of the TV screen. At this coordinates, these two lasers will bypass you 

The first step you should do is take out those irritating speakers. Then the 
BOSS. If you have lots of grenades then this is going to be easy. Just 
continuously fire them at him. But if you don't, then you have to learn how to
use the grenades to the full potential. However you should still have a minimum
of 10-15 grenades. First shoot him with regular bullets from the M4A1 or other
guns. The moment you see the BOSS charging for his 2) attack, (i.e. yellow
waves entering its body), fire a grenade at it and reload a new grenade. This
will stop its attack and cause it 2 times the damage than it usually would as
its forcefield is down a this time. Repeat pattern.

The only thing difficult about this BOSS is that Eve occasionally heals it, 
however it is a low value (about 80 HP). But the most outstanding fact is that
it has a HUMONGOUS amount of HP. Roughly I calculated it to be 3900-4000 HP.

!!!END BOSS!!!

In the Nursery before you pick up the ringing phone, take

1)MD Player in Eve's dresser in Nursery
2)Ringer's Solution in Eve's drip in Nursery

then you should pick up the phone and once you are done with it, you could use
the phone to save. Then talk to Kyle and try to head outside back to the
Training Room.

Once you are in the Growth room, get

1)Protein Capsule in medical cabinet in Growth Room

then talk to Eve and then look in the capsule Eve is facing. From this time,
gas will start seeping in very quickly. You have to talk to Eve twice before
she follows you. Then lead her to the lift in that room. Make sure she is fully
on the life before you touch the controls of the lift. Beware if Eve dies from
coughing too much gas, it is Game Over.

Multiple Areas

Back at the Neo Ark, head to the Submarine Tunnel. By now you would have
noticed that all the enemies are unanimated. Imagine have been
fighting puppets all this time. So just blast them to pieces at your own will.

After the Submarine Tunnels, you will notice new enemies. The GOLEMS otherwise
known as Unknown Men. They actually come in 8 varieties.

PAWN GOLEM   Color: Green  Standard patrol model
ROOK GOLEM   Color: Grey   Close Combat Model
KNIGHT GOLEM Color: Purple Night Operations golem
BISHOP GOLEM Color: Red    Special Operations golem

Each GOLEM has two types. The sword kind and the projectile kind. That makes 8
and with No. 9 (thus his name) that makes 9 types of GOLEMS.

Please note that the B1 Elevator Hall to Main Corridor is now locked and the
lift between B1 and B2 beside the Service Pod Gantry is now unusable.

Your ultimate destination is the Underground Parking. However you may want to
stop by the Laboratory to save and the Armory to refill ammo. Lastly you could
also head out to the Pod Service Gantry to switch off all the security cameras.

@@TIP@@Golems are everywhere. Beware!!

@@TIP@@A shooting Golem can inadvertly shoot its teammate for high damage. 
       Just lure the laser over its teammate when he light it up.

You may want to clear the enemies in this area as well as Dryfield. 
Enemies have reappeared there as well.

In the Underground Parking, interact with the control panel beside the garage
door to get the...

1)Car Key from control panel to the right of garage shutter 
(you may have gotten this before this point of time)

Then you should be able to see the coloured panels once you interact with the
control panel again. Notice the lit numbers as well as the red one. The 4
buttons at the bottom control the bright light in different ways. Here it is:

Red    move down  2
Green  move down  1
Blue   move right 2
Yellow move right 1

 UNDERGROUND PARKING SOLUTION________________________________________
|                                                                    |
| First hit Red, Green and Yellow then press CALL.                   |
| You will receive                                                   |
|                                                                    |
| -=[ITEM]=-                                                         |
| 1)Belt Pouch from box in jammed parking lot.                       |
|                                                                    |
| Next hit Blue and Yellow the CALL. A red electric car will appear. |
| Enter the car. The car will now be in the center of the room.      |
| Head to the red control panel beside the large gate in Underground |
| Parking. There slide Yoshida/Bowman Card and there you have it.    |
| Entrance to 1st floor Shelter.                                     |

1st Floor, Shelter

You will start out in the Parking area. Head into the Airlock and out to the
Vehicle Airlock. Here get...

1)Teddy Bear from bike in Vehicle Airlock

Get into the Guardroom and unlock the lock holding the airlock. You'll enter
the entrance of the Shelter and soon reach outside.

September 6 2000 3.52pm
Mojave Desert, Nevada

Many things to liberate...

1)Airburst in ammo case in camp in Heliport
2)Ringer's Solution in medipak beside ammo case in camp in Heliport
3)Canister from Flint outside camp
4)MPBoost2 from Flint outside camp
5)Magnum Bullets (44 Maeda SP) from Rupert outside camp
6)Large Handgun (Mongoose) from Rupert outside camp
7)Supply Box of 9mm ammo from the front of soldier outside camp (unlimited)
8)Supply Box of 9mm Hydra from the front of soldier outside camp (unlimited)
9)Supply Box of Buckshot from the front of soldier outside camp (unlimited)

@@TIP@@To get access to the supply boxes, talk to the Private outside camp

Behind Rupert, you will notice that you can find the boxes of
1)Your sedan
2)Bronco Motel Room 6
3)Truck at Top of cliff
with all items intact...take it away.

If Flint is alive, give him the Teddy Bear. He will now follow you into the

Also an engineer selling items behind the truck near the entrance to Shelter

-Weapon              BP 
--MP5A5              6980
--SMG Clip Holder    3980
--PA3                1000
--AS12              12500
--M4A1 Rifle         2450
--Rifle Clip Holder  1800 (can buy 2)
--M9                  980
--M203               2130
--Hammer             3720
--Pyke               5180
--Grenade Pistol     1680
-Ammo                BP
--9mm Spartan          80 per 50
--44 Magnum           100 per 50
--Firefly              90 per 10
--R.Slug              120 per 10
--5.56 Rifle          100 per 80
--Grenade             280 per 4
--Airburst            450 per 4
--Riot                 80 per 4
--Batteries/Fuel       FREE
-Armor               BP
--PASGT Vest         2980
--Combat Armour      3250
--Tactical Armour   12800
-Items               BP
--Recovery1           100
--Recovery2           180
--Recovery3           350
--MPBoost1            320
--Penicillin           80
--Stim                 80
--Combat Light         60
--Pepper Spray        100
--Flare               150

Enter the Shelter again...

Final Areas

Once in, pick up the phone. once you do that, you can no longer go back to the
surface as the truck will move into the shelter. At this point of time, the
engineer will be there to sell you things, your items in the trunks are in the
back of the truck and 

1)Supply Box of 9mm ammo beside truck in Underground Parking(unlimited)
2)Supply Box of 9mm Hydra beside truck in Underground Parking(unlimited)
3)Supply Box of Buckshot beside truck in Underground Parking(unlimited)

So head for the Sterilization Room.

If Flint is with you, he will bring the guy back to camp thus making the
engineer sell you something extra :
--Javelin            7500

Also if you wish, you may want to clear out the enemies in B1, B2 and Neo Ark.

Your final destination...the Pod Service Gantry...

Bring only 1 weapon with you. Preferably the Magnum or if not the M4A1 Grenade.
Buy as many 44 Magnum bullets or Airburst Grenades and 5.56 Rifle Bullets.
Use all remaining EXP except maybe reserve to revive 1 last spell later.
Bring as many Ringer's Solution as you can.
Get the Tactical Vest.

-------Final ANMC-------
My Weapon of choice: Magnum w/ 44 Magnum bullets

@@TIP@@Cast Antibody and EnergyShot to facilitate your fight
@@TIP@@Heal often
@@TIP@@If Life drops beneath 50 cast LifeDrain

This guy is many guys combined into 1. He has many parts.
--Fires laser straight which splits into two and spreads outwards
--Dodge it by running to a lower or higher ground.
--Once dead reveals neck
Neck (revealed by destroying Head) 
--Neck fires semi circular blast that causes BLINDNESS
--Dodge it by keeping towards its back
-Belly (recommended first target)
--Shoots PARALYSING liquid
---Dodge left or right when it fires it.
----Can only be shot at lower ground
-----Once dead, reduces turning rate of BOSS
-Butt (recommended killing tentacles first)
--Does not attack
---Located at the middle lower back of BOSS 
----Can only be hit from lower ground
-Left and Right Tentacle (back of BOSS) (taken as two different parts)
--Swings at you
---Separates to two parts 
---Can regenerate
---Tentacle core revealed once both parts killed
------Tentacle core shoots PARALYSING liquid
------Can regenerate tentacles
------Once killed, no longer has regenerating powers
-Left and Right Arm (taken as two different parts) (recommended second target)
--Covered by gas emitters
--Emits gas, POISONS Aya
--Once destroyed reveals Arm
----Arm swings and knocks Aya
----Avoided by staying far back of the screen
------After some time can only be damaged a max of 100 HP at regular interval
-------Instantly killed with Pyrokinesis 
       (Arm must be exposed after killing gas emitters before this is possible)

Once 2 parts, (choice of Belly, Head, Neck, Arms, Tentacle), are killed, the
Core is revealed. The Core shoots out a powerful blast that can hurt Aya very
very badly. If you see it opening up, start running around the arena, clockwise
or anti-clockwise, till it shoots and you are a far distance from it.
(Note: the belly must have been destroyed to outrun the blast so easily).
Once you stop running shoot whatever you can till it closes where you can
reload then get ready to run once it opens again...

Once the Core is killed, the BOSS dies.
!!!END BOSS!!!

Now head to the control panel with the orange light and slide
Yoshida's/Bowman's Card through it.

My Weapon of choice: Magnum w/ 44 Maeda SP

OK first of all cast AntiBody and EnergyShot. Then note that you can go outside
the bridge to the arena you fought the Final AMNC. However I find the fight
easier on the bridge only. Then beware of her attacks

She has  attacks to show her prowess
1)She blasts high in the sky and slams down in the center of the Bridge
  -make sure you are a not near the center of the bridge
2)She starts having a glimerring light and flies at you 1-4 times
  -run from one side of the bridge to the other. Repeat if necessary.
  --Eve will appear in the center of the bridge if she hits you or misses you
3)She fires projectiles at you.
  -Just run one side then change direction. It should miss you.
4)She throws a clone at you. The clone engages you in close combat
  -Kill the clone
5)She stays in the middle of the bridge and chants. Aya's MP will rise then
  drop to 0 if she executes the attack.
  -Keep shooting her till she stops chanting

The major rule is that to continue shooting at Eve. Only when she starts her
attack then run away. Also do not be afraid to use every last bit of PE you

If she starts bleeding, she is about to die. Just start casting all your area-
affecting skills to make her fall quickly.
!!!END BOSS!!!

That is it. Enjoy the ending!!


7. Weapon List

No. Name          Stats               Self Notes
1.  Tonfa Baton      /  1/ 5/ 68      Basic Weapon. Used as last resort. 
                                      Masters can attack continuously (Oooo!!!)
    *Definitely not your main weapon...unless you like showing off. Although 
     damage ain't that bad, the range is going to pose a problem.

2.  M93R          20b/ 50/ 110/117    Basic Sub-machine gun. Uses 9mm bullets.
                                         R1:Bullet x 3
                                         R2:Bullet x 1 (saves ammo i guess...)
    *A trusty gun for use when things ain't so tough and enemies ain't so 
     strong. Forget about single shots...burst all the way.

3.  MP5A5         30r/ 55/80/288      Borrowed in Akropolis Tower. Uses 9mm.
    w/ Flash      50r/  5/ 2/288         R1:Bullet Burst
    *1 word Ammo-Eater. For a much lesser power than the M93R too. But it works
     well to keep enemies at bay and see damage numbers shoot up. Flashlight is

4.  Grenade Pist.  1r/350/ 1/260      Uses grenades. 
                                         R1:Single shot

    *This weapon is powerful...60 for a lesser powerful bullet and has a great
    range for something this damaging because it has to be used at that range.
    Having only 1 grenade in the chamber is a chore as you have to reload
    everytime. This weapon is not a crowd clearer but a great 1 time damage hit
    say for bosses.

5.  M4A1          30r/500/85/254      Uses 5.56 bullets.     
                                         R1:Bullet x 3
                                         R2:Bullet x 1 (saves ammo)

    *This is a great weapon for all times. It has good damage, better than 9mms
     and has a 3 shot burst and a good range. It is basically a higher powered
     version of the MP5A5. It can also be upgraded. Remember the M4A1 can only 
     take 1 attachment.

6.  M4A1(+1)      60r/500/85/274      Uses 5.56 bullets. Use Rifle Clip Holder
                                      on a M4A1 to get this.
                                         R1:Bullet x 3
                                         R2:Bullet x 1 (saves ammo)

    *This is an upgrade for the M4A1 to hold more bullets in its chamber. This
     is done by adding Rifle Clip Holders to the gun. Each RCH adds 30ammo to 
     the gun and the name becomes like M4A1(+1) meaning 1 RCHs has been added 
     making the capacity 60r. More bullets does help as you don't have to
     reload so often...but too much and it becomes redundant. Better go for the
     M9 upgrade. Remember the M4A1 can only take 1 attachment

6.  M4A1(+2)      90r/500/85/294      Uses 5.56 bullets. Use Rifle Clip Holder
                                      on a M4A1(+1) to get this.
                                         R1:Bullet x 3
                                         R2:Bullet x 1 (saves ammo)

    *This is an upgrade for the M4A1 to hold more bullets in its chamber. This
     is done by adding Rifle Clip Holders to the M4A1(+1). Each RCH adds 30ammo
     to the gun and the name becomes like M4A1(+2) meaning 2 RCHs has been 
     added making the capacity 90r. More bullets does help as you don't have to
     reload so often...but too much and it becomes redundant. Better go for the
     M9 upgrade.
     Remember the M4A1 can only take 1 attachment

7.  M4A1 Bayonet  30r/500/85/254      Uses 5.66 bullets. Add M9 to get this
                   0r   2/ 3/254         R1:Bullet x 3

    *M9 though useless by itself, very powerful on the M4A1. The Bayonet has a
     trusty slash attack if bullets run out. The slash is very powerful and has
     a chance of delivering a critical blow of over 200 Damage!!. I like it.
     Remember the M4A1 can only take 1 attachment

8.  PO8            7r/ 70/80/ 87      Uses 9mm bullets. Shoots real slowly.
                                         R1:Single Shot

    *I find this gun shoots single bullets at a time. Is not very
     powerful and holds only 7 rounds. other than the range i don't think it is
     worth to invest in.

9.  PA3            3r/ 30/ 2/270      Uses Shotgun type bullets. Spread damage
                                         R1:Single Shot

    *This is a major crowd clearer. It bursts out after shooting and depending 
     on the shells you use it has different effects. Whatever shell you use you
     can be sure that this weapon hits hard and many at a time. The only
     drawback? It holds only 3 bullets at a time.

10. M950         100r/ 40/90/227      Uses 9mm bullets
                                         R1:Bullet Burst

    *This gun shoots like the MP5A5. This means that its a major ammo-eater.
     However what makes it different from the MP5A5 is that it has a capacity
     of 100 bullets which makes it very rare to see Aya reload this baby. 

11. P229          12r/120/90/ 92      Uses 9mm bullets
    /w flash      50r/  4/ 2/ 92         R1: Single (semi-auto)
    /w silencer                          R2: Flashlight

    *I got mixed feeling about this gun. First it fires very slowly one bullet
     at a time. This is very bad for crowds. However on the other hand, it
     comes with a silencer thus enabling you to shoot a few enemies dead before
     they attack with full force. Also it doesn't hurt that it comes with a
     flashlight for those stealthed enemies. Also it gives frequent critical

12. M4A1 Hammer   30r/500/85/339      Uses 5.56mm bullets
                   0r/  2/ 4/339         R1: Bullet x 3
                                         R2: Stun Gun

    *Gotten by combining the M4A1 with the Hammer. It is now equipped with a 
     stun gun which emits a cluster of electric bolts for a short range to 
     injure the enemy. It also knocks most enemies to the ground. It is 
     powerful but the fact that it uses batteries reduces its usefulness.
     Remember the M4A1 can only take 1 attachment.

13. SP12           7r/ 40/24/420      Uses Shotgun type bullets. Spread damage
                                         R1: Single shot

    *A more powerful and better choice shotgun than the PA3. It holds 7 bullets
     too!! Just like the Shotgun from the RE series.

14.  M4A1 Grenade 30r/500/85/390      Uses 5.56mm Bullets and Grenade rounds
                   1r/250/ 1/390         R1: Bullet x 3
                                         R2: Grenade Shot

     *Gotten by combining a M4A1 with a M203. It is an M4A1 with a Grenade 
      Pistol attached. What else can I say??? But take note the range of the 
      Grenade gun is shorter than the Grenade Pistol. Remember the M4A1 can 
      only take 1 attachment.        

15.  M4A1 Pyke    30r/500/85/390      Uses 5.56mm bullets and fuel
                  30r/  6/ 2/390         R1: Bullet x 3
                                         R2: Flamethrower

     *A Flame thrower M4A1. The flame is absolutely damaging and surprisingly
      not as much of a fuel-eater as i expected. Good for close high damage
      combats. Remember the M4A1 can only take 1 attachment

16.  AS12         20r/ 50/36/550      Uses Shotgun type bullets. Spread damage
                                         R1: Burst Shot

     *This is great!!!It does not reload after every shot like the other 
      shotguns and it holds alot more bullets. You'll probably go through each
      battle without reloading once...even when fighting GOLEMS. I was
      practically running around with this once i got it.

17.  Mongoose      6r/ 60/70/168      Uses .44 magnum rounds.
                                         R1: Single bullet

     *A very powerful gun. Often delivers critical hits. Shoots quicker than
      a shotgun but with the same power. A higher range than a shotgun and
      lighter. I guess you could call it an ultimate weapon.

18.  MP5A5(+1)     60r/ 55/80/306     Borrowed in Akropolis Tower. Uses 9mm.
     w/ Flash      50r/  5/ 2/306        R1:Bullet Burst

     *What are they thinking???Giving us such a lousy gun when you are supposed
      to be fighting GOLEMS. Sheesh!! Extra bullets does not justify buying
      this gun. Combine the SMG Clip Holder to it.

19.  MP5A5(+1)     90r/ 55/80/324     Borrowed in Akropolis Tower. Uses 9mm.
     w/ Flash      50r/  5/ 2/324       R1:Bullet Burst

     *I have nothing more to say about this gun. See MP5A5(+1) above. 
      Combine the SMG Clip Holder with the MP5A5(+1) to get this. 

20.  M4A1 Javelin  30r/500/85/488     Uses 9mm bullets and batteries
     w/ laser      60r/420/ 2/488        R1: Bullet x 3
                                         R2: Laser

     *The laser is very powerful for its battery consumption. Also you are able
      to hit multiple enemies at once. However this gun comes a bit too late in
      the game for you to appreciate it. Otherwise it would be a favourite.
      This is gotten by combining the Javelin with the M4A1. Remember the M4A1 
      can only take 1 attachment.

- Stats listed in 
  capacity in bullets/ Range of gun/ Rate(damage) of gun/ Weight of gun
--(b) represents bullets
  (r) represents rounds


8. Armor List

No.       Name             Stats                    Self Notes
                           (Add HP/Add MP/Attach.)
1.        Shoulder Holster       0/20/4             Used/Won while in training
                                                    Bought from Douglas
                                                       S: Quick Fire
2.        Leather Jacket        10/ 0/3             Aya start with this.
                                                       S: resist PARALYSIS
2.        Tactical Vest         50/10/7             Borrowed in Akropolis Tower
                                                       S:Quick Fire
                                                         HP Recovery
3.        Assault Suit           0/10/5             Aya starts with this in 
                                                       S:Resist POISON
4.        Turtle Vest            5/20/3             Bought from Jodie
                                                       S:MP Recovery
                                                         Resist PARALYSIS
5.        Combat Armour         40/10/5             Bought from Jodie/Machine
                                                    Built in GPS
                                                       S:Motion Detector
                                                         Resist SILENCE
6.        PASGT Vest            20/ 0/6             Bought from Douglas
                                                       S:Resist POISON
                                                         HP Recovery
7.        Chicken Plate         60/ 0/5             Got from trunk of car if
                                                    Flint dies.
                                                       S:Resist IMPACT
                                                         HP Recovery
8.        NBC Suit              20/20/6             Bought from Machine
                                                       S:Resist POISON
                                                         Resist PARALYSIS
9.        PsySuit                0/50/4             Bought from Machine
                                                    Checks known enemy's HP.    
                                                       S:Medical Inspection
                                                         Resist CONFUSION
10.       EOD Suit             100/ 0/5             Bought from Douglas in 
                                                    Dryfield (return journey)
                                                       S:Resist IMPACT 
                                                         Resist PARALYSIS
11.       Tactical Armour       60/30/8             Bought from engineer at
                                                       S:Motion Detector
                                                         Medical Inspection
12.       Aya's Special         30/50/7             Bought at Jodie's after
                                                    game completion...see
                                                       S:Quick Fire
                                                         MP recovery

- S: corresponds to the armor's special features


9. Item List


9mm bullets
No.   Name             Max Cap.  Power  Applicable Weapons      Special
1.    9mm P.B.           500      10    M93R P08 P229 MP5A5
2.    9mm Hydra          500      15    M93R P08 P229 MP5A5
3.    9mm Spartan        500      20    M93R P08 P229 MP5A5

No.   Name             Max Cap.  Power  Applicable Weapons      Special
4.    Grenade            100     270    Grenade Pist. M4A1 Gr.  BURST
5.    Riot               100      60    Grenade Pist. M4A1 Gr.  FLASH
6.    Airburst           100     220    Grenade Pist. M4A1 Gr.  EXPLOSION

5.56mm bullets
No.   Name             Max Cap.  Power  Applicable Weapons      Special
7.    5.56 Rifle         800      22    M4A1

Shotgun Shells
No.   Name             Max Cap.  Power  Applicable Weapons      Special
8.    Buckshot           200      40    PA3 SP12 AS12           EXPLOSION
9.    R.Slug             200      90    PA3 SP12 AS12           PIERCING
10.   Firefly            200      70    PA3 SP12 AS12           INCENDIARY

.44 Magnum Rounds
11.   44 Magnum          500      40    Mongoose
12.   44 Maeda SP        500      70    Mongoose                POISON


No.   Name             Attachment
1.    GPS              Motion Detector
2.    Combat Light     Inflicts DARKNESS
3.    Pepper Spray     Inflicts PARALYSIS
4.    Belt Pouch       Use:ADD ATTACHMENTS +1 (Use once only)
5.    Hunter Goggles   Resist DARKNESS
6.    Flare            Inflicts DARKNESS
7.    Holy Water       ??? (When used, invokes the least EXP needed WATER PE)
                           (When attached, reduces damage taken by about 25%)
                       *If used when all WATER elements are full, is wasted
8.    Medicine Wheel   ??? (When used, invokes the least EXP needed WIND PE)
                           (When attached, gets chance of BONUS ITEM)
                       *If used when all WIND elements are full, is wasted
9.    Otafu            ??? (When used, invokes the least EXP EARTH PE)
                           (When attached, raises PE power by 25%)
                       *If used when all EARTH elements are full, is wasted
10.   Skull Crystal    ??? (When used, invokes the least EXP FIRE PE)
                           (When attached, raises the attack damage by 25%)
                       *If used when all FIRE elements are full, is wasted
11.   MD Player        Resist CONFUSION
                       Resist BESERKER


Medicine (HP/MP)
No.   Name              Use(outside battle)  Attachment(used in battle)
1.    Recovery1         Recovers  50HP       Recovers  45HP
2.    Recovery2         Recovers 100HP       Recovers  90HP
3.    Recovery3         Recovers ALL HP      Recovers 150HP
4.    MP Boost1         Recovers  30MP       Recovers  25MP
5.    MP Boost2         Recovers ALL MP      Recovers 100MP 
6.    Ringer's Solution Recovers ALL HP/MP   Recovers ALL HP/MP
7.    Protein Capsule   Recovers ALL HP      Recovers ALL HP
                        MAX HP +5            MAX HP +5
8.    Cola              Recovers  20 HP      Recovers  20 HP
                        Recovers  80 MP      Recovers  80 MP
9.    Eau de Toilette   N.A                  Induce BESERKER

Medicine (Status)
No.   Name             Use
1.    Penicillin       Cures DARKNESS, PARALYSIS, POISON
2.    Stim             Cures SILENCE, BESERKER, CONFUSION

? Items
Whenever you receive '?' items go to the title screen and press Triangle to 
identify them. (Quote:"Stay awhile and listen"...hehe)


10. Key Item List <>

Many of these items can be spoilers which could cause you to guess the story
so well don't look unless you really have to....mmkay?

There are certain items that are not to be used in battle but instead in 
certain events in game. These are called key items. The key items, their
description as well as their location are listed below.

Items in Akropolis Tower
No.Name               Location               Use
1) MIST Badge         You start with this    Various Identification purposes
2) Cafeteria Key      From the SWAT officer  Opening the door to the restaurant
   Parthenon Key      in Akropolis Tower,    in Akropolis Tower, Patio
                      Elevator Hall
3) Scientific Journal In the Cafeteria       Just FYI (For your Information)
   Mendel(Sept. issue)
4) Metallic Implant   From the monster in    To get info from Pierce after
                      the Akropolis Tower,   Akropolis mission
5) Blue Key           Walkway next to        Used to open way to Observatory 
                      Akropolis Tower,Cafe
6) Red Key            On the floor           Used to lower the fountain to get
                      Akropolis Tower,       Grenade Pistol.
7) Black Card         Check door twice in    To open Armory in Shelter
   Armory Cardkey    Akropolis Tower,
                      Roof Garden

Items in M.I.S.T HQ
No.Name               Location               Use
8) MIST Search Warrant From Baldwin after    FYI
                       Akropolis Tower
9) UMA Photograph     From Baldwin after     FYI
                      Akropolis Tower
10)Manual             From Baldwin after     FYI
                      Akropolis Tower
11)Map                From Baldwin after     FYI
   Dryfield Map       Akropolis Tower

Items in Dryfield, Mojave desert
12)Motel Key No. 6    From Douglas when you  Used to unlock Room no. 6 from
                      first meet him         balcony
13)Key taken from     From Corpse above the  To open the back door leading to 
   corpse(Saloon Key) water tower            the Saloon/Bar of Dryfield
14)Bottlecap Magnet   Found in salon on the  Used to get Factory Key from grate
                      fridge                 beside intercom
15)Factory Key        Found in grate beside  Used to unlock back door to 
                      intercom in Dryfield   Dryfield, Factory
16)Rope               Found beside entrance  Used to climb down the well to
   Wire Rope          to Junkyard, Dryfield  Water Hole, DryField
17)Monkey Wrench      In tool shelf in       Used to pry bolts in second room
                      Garage, Dryfield       beside General Store, Dryfield
18)Lobby Key          Gotten from Douglas    Used to open the door to the 
                      when night falls       Lobby of Motel, Dryfield
19)Bronco Masterkey   From cash register     Used to open all motel doors in
                      in Lobby, Dryfield     Dryfield
20)Jerry Can          From beside safe in    To be filled up with petrol at
                      Loft, Dryfield         Gas Station, Dryfield
21)Petrol             After filling Jerry    To be given to Douglas
                      Can with gas
22)Truck Key          Gotten from Douglas    Used to start the truck and leave
                      after Flamethrower     Disc 1
                      BOSS fight

Items in Mesa, Mojave Desert
No.Name               Location               Use
23)Oak Board          Gotten in Forked       To fill up the gorge in Gorge
                      Tunnel after           (haha)
                      investigating gorge
24)Plug1              Gotten on the switch   To be used on the switchboard to
   Jumper Plug1       board in refuge        open Gate 1 and 2
25)Jumper Plug2       Gotten from Giant      To be used with Jumper Plug1 to
                      Horse ANMC BOSS         open Gate 2
26)Card               Given by Kyle at       Used to open door to Operating 
   Yoshida's Card     elevator               Room from Breeding Room
27)Card               Gotten from Bowman     Used to open door to Operating
   Bowman's Card      beside Sleeping        Room from Elevator Hall
28)Computer Magazine  On Yoshida's bed in    Info to operate terminal in 
   Aeris (Sept issue) Sleeping Quarters      Laboratory
29)Car key            From control panel to  To operate red electric car.
   Electric Car Key   the right of garage 
                      shutter in Undergound
30)Teddy Bear         From motorbike in      Give to Flint in camp
                      Vehicle Airlock
31)Canister           From Flint outside     FYI
   Mr Douglas' Letter camp at Heliport


11. Parasite Energy List 

All the magic..i mean Parasite energy in the game.

@@TIP@@To learn the 3rd spell of each element, both spells in that element has
       to be at Lv3. Eg. Get PyrokinesisLv3 and CombustionLv3 to make Inferno
       available to be learnt. That is 10750 EXP altogether. WOW!! 
      (11250 EXP for other Elements because PyrokinesisLv1 is free)

Fire Type
No. Name            Cost/ATP Lost/Bonus MP  Effects 
1.  PyrokinesisLv1     8/22/-               Shoots out a fireball in a straight
                                            line. Disappears after 1 hit.
    PyrokinesisLv2     7/22/1               A bigger and longer range fireball
    PyrokinesisLv3     6/22/2               Fireball doesn't disappear on
                                            impact but a while later.
2.  CombustionLv1     14/38/1               One half-circle sweep of the flame.
    CombustionLv2     14/30/1               
    CombustionLv3     14/22/2               Extreme long range. Twin flames

3.  InfernoLv1        30/50/1               Flame attacks ALL enemies on screen
                                            for high damage.
    InfernoLv2        30/40/2               Higher damage
    InfernoLv3        30/28/4               Extreme damage.

Water Type
No. Name            Cost/ATP Lost/Bonus MP  Effects
1.  MetabolismLv1      7/36/1               When used cures status over time
    MetabolismLv2      5/28/1               Requires less time to cure status
    MetabolismLv3      3/18/1               Cures status immediately. Lasts for
                                            about 20secs.

2.  HealingLv1        12/42/1               Cures a little HP about 30 HP
    HealingLv2        12/30/1               Cures more HP about 40 HP
    HealingLv3        12/18/1               Cures a lot of HP about 50 HP

3.  LifedrainLv1      20/44/1               Injures enemy to cure yourself. 
                                            Damage is shared among enemies.
                                            High Damage therefore High Healing
    LifedrainLv2      18/36/1               Longer range and higher total 
    LifedrainLv3      16/28/2               Full screen damage. Higher damage

Wind Type
No. Name            Cost/ATP Lost/Bonus MP  Effects
1.  NecrosisLv1        7/38/1               Shoots out electric projectile. 
                                            Can hit multiple enemies. 
                                            Seems to affect the status of
                                            certain enemies
    NecrosisLv2        7/30/1               Bigger and longer range
    NecrosisLv3        7/22/2               Bigger and longer range

2.  PlasmaLv1          6/18/1               Wind emits from Aya's body hitting
                                            those around her. Low damage.
                                            Good if surrounded. Enemies fall.
    PlasmaLv2          5/18/1               Bigger radius of circle. Damage
                                            increased slightly.
    PlasmaLv3          4/18/2               Bigger radius of circle. Damage
                                            increased slightly

3.  ApobiosisLv1      18/38/1               Electric bolts gives low damage to
                                            the enemy and paralyses them. 
                                            Gunshots give critical hits when
                                            enemy is paralysed.
    ApobiosisLv2      18/38/2               Bigger range, higher damage
    ApobiosisLv3      18/38/4               All enemies on the screen, Higher

Earth Type
No. Name            Cost/ATP Lost/Bonus MP  Effects
1.  AntibodyLv1        6/36/2               Increases Defense
    AntibodyLv2        5/28/2               Increases Defense. Last Longer
    AntibodyLv3        4/18/4               Best Defense

2.  EnergyShotLv1     10/36/2               Increase Damage of bullets. 
                                            Lasts for 100secs.
    EnergyShotLv2      9/28/2               Increase more Damage of bullets
    EnergyShotLv3      8/18/4               Best Damage of bullets

3.  EnergyBallLv1     15/36/2               Ball circles around you repelling
                                            attacks and hurts enemy ALOT when
                                            it touches them. Ball disappears
                                            after 1 hit.
    EnergyBallLv2     15/28/4               2 balls revolving around you
    EnergyBallLv3     15/18/9               3 balls revolving around you

To learn new or more powerful PE, you need to trade EXP points for it. There 
are different values for each LV of spell as well as whether the spell is the
first or the second of the type. You also get Bonus MP for each trade off.

All the 1)s of PE. (i.e. Pyrokinesis, Metabolism, Necrosis, Antibody)
Lv  Exp needed
 1         500
 2        1250               
 3        3000

All the 2)s of PE. (i.e. Combustion, Healing, Plasma, EnergyShot)
Lv  Exp needed
 1         750
 2        1750
 3        4000

All the 3)s of PE (i.e. Inferno, Lifedrain, Apobiosis, EnergyBall)
Lv  Exp needed
 1        3000
 2        4000
 3        5000


12. Secrets

Here are some secrets that are unlocked after clearing the game.

1)After clearing the game, you can get items that will be sold at Jodie's in
  Replay Mode.
  (this chart is incomplete)

  Total EXP             Item 1            Item 2             Item 3
      66000               AS12            R.Slug            FireFly
      64000      Aya's Special       9mm Spartan              Otafu

2)You also get to save and can play the game again with a choice of different
  modes. See below... Aftermath

3)At all telephones you would be able to check, Play data, Weapon data and 
  PE data.


13. Aftermath

So what do you do now that you have finished the game? Play it again of course
But not the same boring thing...a little different from it.
After completing Normal game, there should be 2 new modes awaiting you.

1) Replay Mode:
    HP         100
    MP          30
    EXP         10% of your last game
    BP          10% of your last game

    Mission Level  EASY OO
    Condition      GOOD OOOOO
    Enemy Level    EASY OO
    Supply Level   RICH OOOO

    Replay Mode
    Collect Bonus items each time you 
    clear the game in replay mode

    1)You would be able to buy the items you won from Jodie
    2)You can buy the PEs you have learnt from Jodie for the price
      of BP of what that PE is worth for (eg. Necrosis Lv2 for 1250 BP)
    3)EXP needed to revive PE is reduced to 40% of the original


2) Bounty Mode
    HP         100
    MP          30
    EXP          5% of your last game
    BP           5% of your last game
    Mission Level  NORMAL OOO
    Condition      GOOD   OOOOO
    Enemy Level    STRONG OOOO
    Supply Level   NORMAL OOO

    Bounty Mode
    Find the hidden GOLEM soldiers
    and strive for a BP high score!

    1)EXP needed to revive PE is reduced to 80% of the original


14. Credits

Well here are the people i need to thank in order for this faq to be made.
They are in no definitive order.

1)Square for making this game
2)Gamefaqs for putting it up (
4)My friend Bernie for making some charts and giving me absolute strategies
5)Al Amaloo for putting this up (
6) for putting this up (
Well this is the end for now. If you have any tips or comments or anything 
that even remotely help the building of this faq, mail me at

Thanks for your time!!