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The Facts of Video Games

1) The first video game system ever was the Magnavox Odyssey 100, released in 1972, and was created by Bill Arrison, Bill Rusley and Ralph Baer. The Atari did not appear until 1974, and that was only Atari Pong. (The Atari that everyone thinks of first, was released in 1982, 11 systems later.)

2) The original Super Nintendo was designed in part with Sony. The system, called Nintendo PlayStation, was to make use of the CD-ROM storage technology. At the last moment, the partnership broke, and the Super Nintendo was released solo, in cartridge form.

3) Many video game titles hide more information then they seem to. Take the game Xenogears for example. The word 'xeno' means alien. The game has suddently changed meanings. Watch for games where the title holds extra information.

4) The word ATARI in Chinese cannot be literally translated, but refers to a polite way to warn someone they are doing something offensive to you.

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